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5 Trending Urban Outfits for the Modern Girls

Casual, fancy, trendy, urban and the list can go on toinfinity because fashion styles continue to evolve with every new year. Fromhoodies to cropped tops and high-rise denim jeans, there is a wide selection ofurban outfits for modern girls that you’ll rock flawlessly. If you’re one ofthose girls who likes to keep it comfy and casual, but edgy enough to make astatement, you’ll love the following suggestions of trending outfits.

Denim jeans and cropped tops

A timeless piece like denim jeans is the best option for anurban outfit. When you add a cropped t-shirt top or even a cropped hoody to it,that’s when they get a modern twist and create a unique getup. A pair ofsneakers is absolutely a must, and if you go with the currently trendingmassive kicks, you’ll be the talk of the town. Feel free to accessorize theoutfit with a beany or maybe a newsboy cap and you’ll look fabulous.

Cargo pants with tube tops

Cargo pants are back and they’ll fit perfectly into yoururban outfit. Think about paring beige pants with a tube top and a lettermanjacket to avoid showing too much skin during breezy days. Alternatively, youcan go for military print and make it a bit edgier but remain trendy. A pair of sneakers or boots could gogreat with the rest of the wardrobe. A backpack can be a nice addition whereyou’ll keep your belongings and look cool at the same time.

A Netball skirt and a polo shirt

If you prefer skirts, we have a treat for you as well. Longgone are the days when you had to make a skirt outfit look fancy and elegant.Now, if you want to wear a netball skirt with a polished polo t-shirt,you can freely match a pair of canvas shoes and rock it like a pro. Feel freeto wrap a sweater around your waist or throw it over your shoulders whilewrapping it slightly on your chest, for a sporty yet chic look. A beret can bea cute addition to your outfit, as well as a pair of stylish sunglasses.

Full-on sweats

Sweatpants have become insanely popular over the years,starting from Kim Kardashian and the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, whorocked Yeezy outfits even with high heels, which used to be unthinkable.However, what we’re suggesting here is for you to wear for example all-whitesweatpants plus hoodie outfit which will give a fresh clean dimension to yourwardrobe. A pair of white kicks to go along will be all you need for yourmodern hip ensemble. Alternatively, you can opt for a pair of black track pants and a white sleeveless top incombination with black sneakers and a baseball cap if you want to look supercool. Feel free to add a zip-up hoody around your waist and put on a long chainnecklace for a bit of bling.

Overalls for a modern twist

Denim jeans overalls are coming backand they can make your outfit look trendy and urban in a blink of an eye. For alittle less sporty feel but still, an urban vibe put on a black turtleneck, andlet the upper part of overalls hang down. A pair of ankle boots will be a greataddition in combination with a crossbody bag. For chillier days a moto jacketwill fit in perfectly with the rest of the ensemble.  If you want overall shorts, you can balanceout the shorts with an oversized letterman jacket and a tank top. Stick to apair of sneakers for the footwear and throw on a pair of dope shades to complementthe entire outfit. If the weather is not too hot, feel free to put on fishnetstockings too and lean towards the punk side a little by wearing boots insteadof sneakers.

Urban outfits have always made heads turn with their boldand edgy notes, so if you’re in the mood to look fierce and comfortable at thesame time, the previously mentioned combos will give you just that. Feel freeto update the outfits however you feel but if you use any of the uppermentioned mixes you’ll look fabulous and inspire others to create theirgroundbreaking urban outfits.


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