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5 Tips To Avoid Truck Collisions on the Road

Truck driving is a challenging job, especially because truckers have to drive for hours on highways and in-city routes making sure they are not putting anyone’s life on the road at risk. While they do their best, you need to be vigilant and cautious as well when you are sharing the road with other motorists especially truckers and heavy wheelers. Follow my tips to avoid truck accidents & collisions to avoid life-threatening injuries.

Safe Driving is Key

Follow traffic rules and practice general safe driving habits when sharing a highway or thoroughfare with a truck or trailer. You had your morning eight-o-clock coffee and wanted to rush to your workplace but do you really need to speed up. Never cross speed limits and change lanes without alerting the truckers. This could lead to a collision that may result in injuries like spinal cord damage, amputation, paralysis and so on. Apart from these health concerns, a collision with an 18-wheeler in Houston will also have you spending money to handle ensuing legal proceedings and lawyer fees.

Steer Clear of BLIND SPOTS

For a trucker, the blind spots are not easy to tackle, so you must be aware of these. These include the lane on the driver’s side that goes back to almost half of the truck’s length, two-lanes wide space at the truck’s right side, 20-feet in the truck’s front and 30 feet behind. The best way to avoid such spots where the trucker cannot clearly see you is to keep enough distance between you and the trailer/truck.

Be Careful When Crossing

Pass a truck with caution; they do not stop quickly because maneuverability is difficult owing to the large size. Truckers require more time to react, control speed and make swift driving decisions in such scenarios. Pass a truck on its left side where the drover can easily see you. In addition, never cross a trailer while going uphill or down the slope. If a truck crosses you, slow down the speed of your car and give the driver ample space to pass you to avoid collision. Take care to merge back into the lane at the truck’s front when you see the driver in the rearview mirror.

Provide Clear SIGNALS

I suggest you alert the trucker through a clear signal when changing lanes or crossing the vehicle. This gives them enough time to gauge your action and take precautionary steps. Make sure you send signals earlier than you would for regular cars, so the heavy vehicle has adequate time to avoid a collision. Moreover, reduce glare of your headlights by lowering the brightness. It may affect the vision for the trucker’s side mirrors blinding them. Always consider lowering your high beams when crossing a truck or moving past a heavy wheeler.

Keep a Space

Do not stay near a truck for too long. Truck brakes are very strong, so sudden braking can result in a rear-end collision. Moreover, the debris from the truck’s tires can damage your windshield. Keep an adequate space between your car and the truck and avoid passing a right-turning truck from the right.



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