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5 tips on how to prevent hair loss

There are various causes associated with hair loss such as poor diet, heredity, diseases, stress and sometimes nursing mothers tend to shed off the hair too. Sometimes it can be due to the hair products that you are using or high exposure of the hair to extreme temperatures. This problem tends to affect women more than men especially if it is related to hair products or hormonal imbalance. Although some causes cannot be prevented, you can always adapt different methods to prevent the hair loss.

Five tips to prevent hair loss.

  1. Avoid heat devices.

Too much heat exposure causes the hair to become weak and brittle which results in hair breakage. Such heat comes from hair dryers, curling driers, and the hair straighteners. Let your hair dry naturally by using hair conditioners that prevent hair from tangling after washing your hair. Although sometimes it is good to use the devices especially when setting curls to get the right look and texture, do this procedure once in a while to avoid damaging your hair.

  1. Don’t pull your hair too much.

Pulling your hair too tight either when styling or plaiting can cause it to break. The high pulling causes the hair follicles to weaken hence resulting in hair loss. To prevent this, avoid plaiting your hair too often, you can do it maybe twice a month and ensure it is done loosely. Avoid tying your hair in a ponytail all the time or if you have to do so, do it loosely. Interchange your hairstyles is recommended to allow your hair relax.

  1. Use natural remedies.

Note that in men baldness is usually caused by a hormone referred to as DHT. Andrea’s article on DHT blockers is worth a read. So in her article, she has talked about the various ways that one can use to alter the functioning of the hormone DHT to prevent the hair loss. There are a variety of tips that one can use to block the hormone from functioning such as taking supplements, and there are various vitamins that one can use to help with the issue too. You can as well use natural remedies like consuming of pumpkin seeds which have shown tremendous improvement on the individuals affected by this hormone.

  1. Use the correct hair products.

Hair products like shampoo, moisturizer, and the conditioners affect your hair either negatively or positively. So gather enough information regarding the healthy hair products in the market and their effects so you can be able to make the right decision. If it is a shampoo use a mild shampoo that does not have a high concentration of chemicals. Also, you can use natural hair products that are made with organic ingredients like the olive oils and coconut oils.

  1. Use right hair brush.

Using an appropriate hairbrush also help to protect your hair from breaking. For example, if you have thick or kinky hair, avoid using a thin brush as it may be difficult to penetrate through the hair hence breaking it. Choose a hairbrush that is easy to comb through the hair and should be strong too.


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