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5 Tips For Taking Care of Your Babies Skin in Summer

A baby’s skin is very delicate and more permeable than an older child, or adult. The skin on our body is an organ, the largest one we have. Babies have a bigger skin surface than adults. What this means is that babies can dehydrate quite quickly. Their skin needs extra care, and will also react more quickly to the heat of summer. Baby skin needs protection from the sun, heat, and insects. Adequate nutrition, and getting plenty of vitamin C, will also help protect your baby’s skin in summer. Keeping hydrated in essential.

  1. Keep Calamine Lotion in Your Medicine Chest

Babies are very sensitive to heat. Their skin is more sensitive. Heat rash is quite common. Small red bumps can appear on the skin, these are blocked sweat glands. It’s recommended that you bathe your baby in lukewarm water, use a fragrance-free soap, and apply calamine lotion. Avoid clothing that will chafe and make your baby feel hot. Your baby will be very uncomfortable and overheat easily. Cotton clothing that can breathe is a good choice.

  1. Buy Darker Shades Of Cotton Clothing

While white clothing may be cooler to wear, a baby’s clothes are a barrier to the sun. Fabric that is tightly woven and a darker shade, like blue and green, will absorb less light. Breathable fabric is very important. Stay away from polyester, nylon and poly blends. These will cause your baby to sweat excessively.

  1. Avoid The Hottest Hours Of The Day

Stay out of direct sunlight between 10 am and 2 pm. These are the hottest hours, and sun can damage your baby’s skin. Newborn babies’ especially, should not be exposed to the sun, during these times. Nobody lives in a bubble though, and aside – it’s better to protect your baby’s skin, if you are outdoors, during these times.

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  1. Use A High SPF Baby Friendly Sunscreen

Any sunscreen is better than none, but because a baby’s skin is more sensitive, their skin can absorb chemicals more easily than an adult. Sunscreens are designed using physical blockers and chemical blockers. Choose a sunscreen that has zinc oxide or titanium oxide, and that has a high sun protection factor. SPF 30. You also need UVA and UVB protection.

Look for sunscreens that are scent free, and not tinted.

There is debate around the safety of applying sunscreens to newborn babies. Products have not normally been tested on very young babies. The general advice is that they can be used from 6 months. However, there is nothing magical that happens to a baby’s skin at 6 months, of age.

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  1. Keep Aloe Gel In Your Medicine Chest

If your baby suffer from sunburn, you should apply a cool compress to the skin and apply a soothing gel, like aloe gel. If this does not help, or the sunburn is very bad, then you should consult a dermatologist, or get medical assistance. Remember that your baby’s skin is delicate, and covers a large surface area and that your baby may become dehydrated, and need medical attention.


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