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5 Tips for Road Trip Vacation Travel With Kids

We’ve talked about traveling with kids before, but beyond the checklists, there are a variety of things you can do to make the most of your trip and avoid common pitfalls.

In thisarticle we’re going to focus on road trips, since they tend to be morebudget-friendly and since flying and ocean cruises are obviously different inmany important ways.

As we’ll see,it all starts with planning: if you plan ahead, you can anticipate commonissues as well as chances for maximum fun and family enjoyment. These 5 tipswill help you out considerably.

Tip 1): Choose How to Travel

We’re going toassume that it goes without saying you have an idea about where you want to go, but howyou get there is another matter entirely. What vehicle will you take, and whatroute?

Assumingyou’re staying within the country, the very best way to do family vacationtravel is by motorhome. Travel by motorhome is both budget-friendlyand conducive to ease and convenience for the entire family.

With amotorhome, you can cook your own food in a kitchen and have a guaranteed placeto sleep every night. There’s also the matter of having a bathroom, meaning nodesperate bathroom breaks.

Don’t own amotorhome? No problem, they’re easy enough to rent for a trip.

Tip 2): Get Insured

There arerisks whenever you travel, and that means travel insurance is your friend. Anynumber of things could go wrong, so you’ll want to make sure you’re covered.

If you’retraveling by car or motorhome, make sure you know what your insurance does anddoes not cover.

Another reasonmotorhomes are such a fantastic way to travel is because of extended serviceplans, like the trailerservice plan Good Sam offers. You’ll never have tostress about mechanical repairs again. 

Tip 3): Look for Budget-Friendly Detours andAttractions

Travelingisn’t all about the destination – it’s also about the journey, particularly ifyou’re traveling by car or especially by motorhome.

On that note,it’s a good idea to think of your trip not in terms of one big destination, butrather many different experiences you can have along the way.  

If you’retraveling across several states, look for state and national parks and other budget-friendlyfamily attractions and detours. Even anunusual piece of roadside art or a notable local museum might be worth a stopif not a detour. 

This is agreat way to make the most of your trip in more ways than one. For one thing,you can be assured that your family will have more fun, and make many morewonderful family memories.

For anotherthing, you’re likely to find that the experience of traveling is better for allconcerned if you can give your children a chance to stretch their legs and useup some of their nervous energy before you reach your ultimate destination.

Tip 4): Travel as Lightly as You Can

If you’re likemost parents, you’ll find it tempting to pack everything you think you mightneed, everything your kids enjoy at home. For many parents, the theory here isthat the familiar will help your children maintain a consistent routine, andyou’ll never be without anything.

This is one ofthose times where the theory is verydifferent from the reality.

The reality isthat you should try to travelas lightly as you can.

Packingeverything you think you might need means you’ll have to deal with everything. Think about not only thespace in your vehicle, but also the weight you’ll have to carry around.

And, too,things can get lost or broken, especially on a trip. You’re traveling, sofamiliar routines will have to go by the wayside to some degree anyway. Why addextra frustration and soreness for you to all that?

Besides, if itturns out you don’t have something you actually do need, you’ll likely be ableto buy it on the road.

Tip 5): Let Your Kids Entertain Themselves

You’re goingto need ways to keep your kids occupied and entertained, particularly on theroad, and the very best way to do that is to allow them to entertainthemselves. This has the advantage of keeping them happy and distracted whileminimizing hassle and fuss for you.

For manychildren these days, that will mean bringing a tablet loaded up with games.Don’t forget a charger and one or two fully-charged power banks.

As a bonus,you can include some white noise or other soothing sounds on the tablet, andplay those to help your child sleep.

You might alsothink about bringing some books, puzzles, or simple games – think of card-basedgames, like Apples to Apples, that are light and easy to play and pack.


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