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5 Tips for Business Promotional Gifts

Active promotion is the backbone of your business success. You do not only have to inform the customers about the existence of your product, but you also need to convince them to buy it. Even if you already have a client base, you need to ensure that remember you. The corporate dynamics have changed over the years and the competition today is fiercely cut-throat. With aggressive marketing and behavioral targeting techniques used via digital media, and increased customer awareness, customers are now more willing to leave their favorite cult brands for newer better options.

The competitiveness and the increased customer awareness today calls for more rigorous and personalized promotional methods. Your conventional promotional methods might still be relevant and essential but not adequate anymore. One of the best ways to reach out to your customers in a personalized manner is to sell them a personalized promotional gift. It does not have to be something costly, but sending out promotional gifts especially at essential occasions will not only send a reminder to the customer about your brand but will also encourage him to make a repurchase.

Moreover, if your promotional gifts are passed around by the customers to someone else, it can generate more leads for you too.  Your promotional gift items do not have to be something that causes a dent in your budget. In fact, giving out small everyday use items can have greater benefits regarding ROI and lead generation. Here are five great ideas for business promotional gift items.


  1. Planners

Planners make a fantastic promotional giveaway for both B2B and B2C clients. You can choose planner designs according to the nature of your business and target clients. If you want to send out something to corporate executives who are your credit card holder’s, a beautiful leather back planner will be an elegant yet professional and useful gift. If you are a business related to childbirth or baby products and your customers are new moms, a birthing planner or a baby planner designed with bright colors. You can add your brand story at the beginning of each of the 12 months to emphasize on your business subtly.


  1. Calendars

Calendars work just as well as planners, and might as well cost you cheaper. You can go with either a wall calendar or a table calendar depending upon the nature of your business and the kind of clientele you have. B2B clients or working clients will prefer table calendars more. Each month on the calendar can have an image with a caption that relates to your brand or tells your story. You can also add 12 significant features or achievements in the 12 months. Calendars can be branded with your business logo and a personalized message at the top.


  1. Customized Tea Towels

This might sound weird, but digitally printed custom tea towels can make a fantastic giveaway, especially if your clientele is more women-centric. A white or neutral colored tea towels, stylishly branded with a company logo will send off a hot message, and the customer will feel a connection with the brand. Tea towels are not just a cleaning supply, but it has incredible uses in crafting projects. This means you can get as creative as you can be with this one.


  1. Stationary

If you are a small and struggling business and if you cannot spend too much on promotional giveaways, an excellent company branded pen will make a fantastic gift. Since pens generally travel from person to person, chances are that you might generate some leads too. This can also work well for businesses who have a considerable market and want to stay under the budget. If you have a very exclusive clientele, then you can go for more luxurious options. A corporate executive will remember you for a classy Mont Blanc that you sent his way.


  1. T-Shirts

T-shirts are one of the most popular promotional item used as a corporate gift. And rightly so. Usually, t-shirts tend to be branded with a brand name and a logo. When a person wears that tee, every person that will be looking at him will think about your business, and you can attract more clients as a result. The catch here is that your tees need to be attractive enough to be able to draw the attention.


  1. Drawstring Backpacks

Backpacks are a staple for many people today. They are just not for high schoolers anymore. In fact, it is highly followed on the ramps and runways. Backpacks are the latest in a thing, and you will surely feel incomplete without it. An essential drawstring backpack embossed with a company logo will go a long way. Drawstring backpacks can be made in seral materials so you can choose one that best suits your budget.


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