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5 Simple Tricks to Be Fashion Icon

When it comes to style, it’s something that money simplycan’t buy. Just because you go out and buy the most expensive pieces ofclothing doesn’t make you a fashion icon. What does make you a fashion icon isknowing what your personal style is, drawing inspiration from different sourcesand using all that to create something truly inspiring and unique. While someare born with a keen eye for details, others learn it through practice. If youfall into the latter category, take a look at these five tricks for dressinglike a fashion goddess.

Take some time to figure out your personal style

If you take a look at any major style icon, you’ll noticehow they have something unique about their style, something that really setsthem aside from all the other people – something that gives them that je nesais quoi appeal, and yet something you can’t quite put your finger on.However, behind the nonchalant look often lie years of practice andself-discovering that lead to the formation of their unique, easilydistinguishable style. Therefore, give yourself some time to figure out whatyour personal style is. Consider your goals, aspirations, and the general vibeyou’d like your style to emulate. Also, think about the overall aestheticyou’re drawn to – whether it’s minimalist, eclectic, or vintage, it can be agreat starting point for building yourpersonal style.

Use fashion blogs and magazines to draw inspiration

Everyone draws inspiration from somewhere – even the biggeststars, celebrities, and style icons check out what someone else is wearing andthen adjusts that to their personal style. Whether it’s the fashion shows,websites, magazines, or fashion blogs, they can all give you a freshperspective on your style, and provide you with all the different ideas on howto wear certain garments. They can also show you how to rock certaintrends, and you can decide whether you want to incorporate those trends ornot. However, don’t limit your inspiration sources – museums, movies, andtheaters can also inspire you style-wise, so be sure to look for inspiration inmultiple places.

Know which pieces and colors look good on you

Part of being a fashion icon is knowing what looks good onyou. When the colors complement your natural features and your clothes fit youlike a glove, you immediately look polished and put-together, regardless of howmuch the outfit cost. Think about what your best features are and look forpieces that enhance them. Also, make sure that the garments you choose toinvest in are versatile and can be worn on many occasions. For example, whitetees, blue jeans, and simple black dresses are always good to have because youcan combine them with virtually anything. As for the shoes, comfortable slidesfootwear is a must-have, especially in neutral tones such as sand and blackso you can wear them with multiple outfits when it’s warm, while simple whitesneakers will help you create a number of stylish, effortless combinations forcooler seasons.

Be ready to experiment from time to time

No style icon would ever become that way if they didn’texperiment with fashion choices and take time to develop their own style.Taking fashion risks is crucial for building a style that is a reflection ofyou, your tastes and your preferences, so be ready to get out of your comfortzone and experiment a little every now and then. Even after you’ve found yourstyle, it’s always good to keep your options open – whether it’s trying on anew hairstyle, or wearing a hue that happens to be on-trend. Just make surethat the trend you’re wearing feels like you so you don’t have to worry abouthow you look.

Whatever you wear – wear it with confidence

Finally, the last trick to looking like a fashion icon is towear everything with confidence. Because fashion is all about wearing thingsthat showcase your individuality, you need to make sure that whatever you’rewearing feels right to you. We’ve all seen our favorite celebrities wearingoutfits that would definitely raise a few eyebrows, but because they ownedthem, we managed to look past the questionable style choices and many of usactually came to like the outfit because of the way they wore it. Confidence iskey to any amazing outfit combination, so be sure to please yourself and wearpieces that enhance your personality – that’s the only way to truly look andfeel like a fashion icon.

Like a famous fashion photographer, Bill Cunningham, oncesaid: Fashion is the armor to survive the realityof everyday life. Use that armorto feel great in your skin, and whatever you wear, make sure your personalityshines through.


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