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5 Reasons Why Busy Parents Need to Try XNSPY for Child Monitoring


In this economy, parents already have a lot on their plates to have much time for other nuanced aspects of parenting. Especially those that they are less familiar with—parenting in the internet world. Because kids of this generation are digital natives and the parents are simply immigrants. But just because parents have a busy lifestyle does not mean that they can’t be active all aspects of their child’s upbringing. It is time for them to adopt smart technology as well. Here’s why you, the busy parent, should be using XNSPY for child monitoring.

1.     It is Completely Remote

First of all, XNSPY is an all-inclusive parental control application. This means that parents are able to see everything that goes on in the child’s phone… and they can do it completely remotely. Because the app only has to be installed into the child’s phone once. After that, parents use a web based portal to gain access to the child’s phone and see all the information they’ve been exchanging on it.


2.     It Gives You 24/7 Reports

Another brilliant thing about XNSPY parental controls is the 24/7 reports. On their online control panels, parents can view a summary of activities that went on on the child’s phone on that particular day. This means you can get reports on the calls that were made, the SMS that were sent, and emails that were exchanged. If you’re a busy parent, chances are you won’t read everything the app records for you. This way, you can at least have a bird’s eye view of your child’s digital security.

3.     It Gives You Alerts in Emergencies

Similarly, if you’re busy, you’re probably not going to spend all day reading whatever is going on in your kid’s phone. This is why XNSPY sends you alerts in case of emergencies. And the best part is that you get to decide what constitutes as emergency by using their Watchlist. Anything that goes to the Watchlist becomes the ‘trigger’ activity and you get an alert anytime one of the Watchlist items is activated.

4.     It Stores All the Data

All data collected and recorded by XNSPY is stored on the online control panel. This means you never get to lose anything. If you’ve had a long day and were unable to check up on your child’s activities, you can still come home and read back on who your child messaged, called, emailed, phoned and much more. This will make you life a lot easier.

5.     It is Sophisticated Yet Affordable

XNSPY for child monitoring uses sophisticated technology. It is what enables it to record everything in real time and put parents on alert when they need to be. You’d think that all of this would come at a hard price to pay. But in reality, XNSPY is available for as low as $8.33 a month and you can chose any subscription that suits your situation best. It is affordable, and there is no reason parents shouldn’t be taking advantage of this fact.


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