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5 Fun Science Experiments to Try With Your Kids

Science is a great way to teach your kids something in a fun and entertaining way. Most science experiments can be done at home with everyday household items, so there is no reason you can’t plan some exciting experiments for next weekend. Budding scientists will be over the moon to do the below five experiments, so take notes.

The Apple Oxidation Experiment

This mind-blowing science experiment works by arranging apple slices and soaking them in different liquids like lemon juice, saltwater, sugar water, and plain water. Once they are soaked thoroughly, carefully arrange them in a circle and label each one. Check the brownness of each slice every five minutes and jot down the results. Before the experiment, let your child guess which liquid will be most effective at preventing oxidation.

Magical Walking Water

Collect six empty containers of equal size and fill three of them with plain water and the other three with different colored water. Arrange the waters in a line, alternating clear with color. By using rolled-up paper towels, make bridges between the containers. This experiment will show your kids the magic of capillarity. This experiment is great to help calm an anxious child.

Elephant Toothpaste

This wonderful science experiment creates a foamy substance caused by the rapid decomposition of hydrogen peroxide using either yeast or potassium iodide and warm water as a catalyst. Discover how to make elephant toothpaste online and set aside some time to show your children the wonders of science.

Pencil-Proof Bag Experiment

This experiment always goes down well because it is so much fun to do or watch. All you’ll need is a large zip-sealed plastic bag, water, and sharp pencils. Fill your plastic bag halfway with water and seal the top. When you hold up the bag, take the pencils and push them right through the bag; from one side to the other. Plastic is made from flexible chains of polymers and when you break those chains with the pencils, they separate and gather around each pencil. This prevents the water from leaking out and spraying all over the place.

Mold Experiments

Mold experiments are so fascinating but in the grossest way. You will need three sandwich bags and three slices of white bread. White bread is best because you can see the mold growth, which isn’t as easy to see on brown bread. Have your little one touch one slice of bread with unwashed hands and then place it into a labeled bag. Then have them sanitize their hands and touch another slice of bread and put that one into a labeled bag as well. Lastly, have your child wash their hands with soap and warm water for 30 seconds and then touch the slice of bread. Place that last piece of bread in the last bag and label that one too. After a few days, the mold will have started to grow on some of the slices of bread. This experiment is great for teaching children the importance of having good hygiene habits, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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