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5 Fun & Easy Ways to Customize Kids Clothes


If you’re looking for a fun DIY project for the summer with your kids, why not have a go at customizing some of their old clothing? Tie dying is back in fashion this year and you’ll be surprised how many other things you can do with an old t-shirt. Make quirky accessories as well and get creative with a few household items. Here are five cheap and easy ways to customize clothes, without a sewing machine.

Tie dying

There are plenty of ways you can have fun with tie dying. It’s easy to do and you don’t need to worry about being neat. The main steps involved are tying the fabric, dipping it in the dye, and rinsing. You can repeat and add different colors.

There are plenty of cool designs you can create. You can buy tie dye kits online or in your local craft store. It’s an easy, fun project that your kids will love.

Favorite t-shirts

If your kids have old favorite t-shirts that they can’t wear anymore, you can still use the designs or logos to create something else. You can shop for new cool t-shirts online if not, from sports teams to faith based t shirts.

There are lots of ways to upcycle old t-shirts. You can cut out the main design and sew them into pillow or duvet covers. For a simpler project, you could even put them into a frame. Think of thrifty ways to have fun with old clothes this summer.

Bleach painting

Bleach painting creates a cool effect on t-shirts and other items of clothing. Check out this straight forward bleach painting tutorial. The supplies you need are fabric safe household bleach, a paintbrush, a bowl, a dark colored t-shirt, a rag, and a piece of chalk.

Simply sketch out your design with chalk, or write something on the t-shirt, then go over it with bleach and a paintbrush. Put a piece of cardboard or plastic inside the t-shirt to protect the other side and the surface you’re painting on.

Sneaker makeover

There are several fun ways you can freshen up old sneakers. Check out these cool ideas for DIY sneaker designs. You can decorate old canvas sneakers easily with pens, paint, or glitter. If you’re feeling really creative you could even cover them with a layer of lace.

You can jazz them up by adding studs, polka dots, or rings. It’s a great way to get more use out of worn out sneakers in the closet.

No sew headbands

Headbands are trending this year. These easy headbands are another great example of a way to make use of an old t-shirt. Get your kids to choose old items with a fun pattern that they like. With a simple fold and twist design, you can create turban or wrap style headbands without even needing to sew anything.

If your kids are missing summer camp this year, why not get crafty at home? It’s a cheap, fun activity for the whole family.


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