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5 Creative crafts you can do with blank baby onesies

So, you want your child to have unique clothes that no one else has? The perfect solution to that is blank onesies that you can customize with a design that only you will have. Here are some design ideas for you to explore.


  1. Add some lace – here’s an idea to add some class to plain baby onesies, why not add some lace to it? You don’t have to spend a lot. If you like to sew or add embellishments to your clothes, you might have a scrap of lace around the house that is too short for adding to dresses or your clothes, but just enough for baby clothes. What would make it even cuter is that you have a dress that would have the same lace, and it will be like a pair for the mommy and baby!


  1. Stencil – if you want to customize designs for the onesie, the stencil method is a great idea. The materials you will need are blank baby onesies (you can get a good deal when you buy Blank Onesies by Soft Bebe), iron, scissors and a craft knife, paint, paintbrush and freezer paper. All you need to do is cut out the design that you want on your freezer paper, iron the design to the onesie (only for five seconds), then apply craft paint to the design. keep applying the craft paint to make sure that you cover every inch of the design. then just peel the freezer paper and let the onesie dry.


  1. Add some embroidery – another great way of customizing a plain onesie is to embroider your design. Now, you need to make sure that you actually have the skill for this. You can check out the tutorials on the web to help you get started. There are even YouTube videos that can help you develop skills in embroidery. You can make this a project if you are pregnant right now or if you know someone who is pregnant. You can go simple and just embroider the baby’s name. It would make the perfect gift for a baby shower!


  1. Turn it into a ballerina outfit by making a tutu – here’s a project that would be worth the effort. Aside from the onesie, you will need tulle to form the tutu, plus some ribbons and of course the materials you will use to sew the tutu. After cutting the tulle ( you can decide on the number of layers, depending on how pouffy you’d like it to be). Then baste layers together. Measure the length of your tulle skirt and cut out an elastic of the same length with a little allowance. Sew them together, and then attach them to your onesie and voila, a very cute tutu onesie for your child!


  1. Personalize it with your child’s hand or footprints  – here’s a project you can do to commemorate your child’s growth. Use your child’s hand and foot to create a unique design for a blank onesie. To make it more special, do this every month so you can see just how your child is growing.


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