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5 British Hobbies You Can Do During the Pandemic

There are many different hobbies that are enjoyed in the UK. While many popular national leisure activities have been canceled by lockdown measures, many Brits have managed to use their famed ingenuity to come up with solutions. Not to mention, some of the classic British pastimes including drinking tea, complaining about the weather, and eating fish and chips have continued unabated despite the coronavirus pandemic. Here are five of the most quintessentially British hobbies that you can do during the pandemic.



The game of bingo is extremely popular in the UK, especially among retirees and the elderly. It is not uncommon to see coachloads of pensioners crowding bingo halls across England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland—or at least it wasn’t until lockdown measures came into force. Bingo can be an extremely entertaining game—unlike casino games such as poker, you don’t actually have to learn any rules to play bingo. Sometimes the simplest games can be the most engaging! While bingo halls across the country are either closed altogether or subject to strict social distancing measures, there are plenty of new UK bingo sites where you can play online from the safety of your own home.

Jam Making


No, “jam making” doesn’t mean getting a group of musicians together and “jamming.” In the UK, “jam” is the word for what is known as “jelly” in the US. “Jelly” in Britain is what the Americans call “Jell-O.” If you ask for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the UK, you may well get a funny look!

Making “jam” is a popular British hobby. All you need to do is pick or buy some fruit, get a jar ready, and check out some recipes. Jam on toast or scones is a British delicacy.



Not only is knitting a relaxing and mindful hobby, it can also be very productive. Especially in the cold British winter, being able to knit hats, scarves, gloves, and quilts can be a valuable skill! The art of knitting was traditionally passed down through British society from mothers to daughters. All you need to start knitting is a ball of yarn and a pair of knitting needles. Knitting can be a surprisingly enjoyable way to spend an evening and can be an excellent distraction if you are suffering from cabin fever and the long nights in are making you restless.



The English are well aware of the health benefits of getting outside in the fresh air once in a while. Growing plants, flowers, and vegetables is a popular hobby in the UK, and can also be productive. In the warmer months, growing vegetables can save you money on buying fresh produce from the supermarket, and even in the colder months many plants and flowers survive and can brighten your surroundings.Get Free Netflix Now

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The British love a good ramble, and we don’t mean talking aimlessly for hours on end (many of them also love that, but that’s another story!). In the UK, “rambling” refers not only to giving a lengthy speech, but also to exploring the outdoors on foot. Whether you are planning an adventurous hike or simply taking a leisurely stroll around a local beauty spot, rambling is a pandemic-safe hobby that has many health benefits.


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