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4 Ways that a Car Wreck Can Impact a Texas Family

The Lone Star State boasts some of the most gorgeous American countryside that you can encounter, but it has some scintillating cities as well. From San Antonio to Houston to Dallas, there are plenty of places to visit and things to do. Out-of-state visitors come by the thousands every year to eat great BBQ, see historical sites, and play at being cowboys and cowgirls for the weekend.

Car wrecks happen a lot in Texas, though. That is because there are miles upon miles of highway. There are also small towns where some of the locals might decide to imbibe more than is good for them before driving home from a night of bar-hopping.

If your family lives in Texas, and one of the members gets in a car wreck, picking up the various pieces and moving on with your lives can be challenging. Let’s talk about some ways all your lives can change if this happens.

You Have to Figure Out Transportation Options After the Crash



One of the first things to do after one of your family’s adults has an accident is that you must figure out alternate transportation options. Your insurance provider might supply a rental car if you have that stipulation in your policy. You might also take the car to the shop and get a mechanic to fix it relatively quickly if the vehicle sustained only minor damage.

If you totaled the car, you might decide that you can’t afford to replace it right now. Perhaps if you reside in a city with some buses or other public transportation options, you can use those to head to and from work and other places you need to visit regularly.

If you had two family vehicles, you also might decide to try getting along with just one car if you totaled the second one. That might prove challenging, but perhaps you can’t scrape the money together to get a replacement vehicle immediately.

You Might Deal with an Injured Family Member

injured family member

If you or another adult family member gets in a severe car wreck, you might also come away with a serious injury. Perhaps you have sustained a traumatic brain injury, and you will have to relearn some basic motor skills. Maybe you broke some bones or sustained internal injuries.

You or another adult family member might sustain permanent injuries, in which case the rest of the family will have to do all they can to help nurse the afflicted individual back to health. They will need to pull together to help the injured person because they will likely find it challenging to try to get back to their everyday life.

You Might Not Have as Much Money Coming In

Perhaps you or the other adult family member who was involved in the wreck was one of the household’s primary breadwinners. If so, you might not have any money coming in while you are recovering. It could take weeks or months before you can return to your previous work schedule.

If you are able to collect disability payments, that can help the family survive. If you can’t, then you might elect to bring a lawsuit against the other driver if you feel sure that they caused what happened.

If you caused the accident, and you can’t collect disability payments, then you will not have as much money, and you must all make adjustments accordingly. You might have to buy food in bulk to save money, and you will not be able to eat out as much. You may have to shop for clothing at the Salvation Army or Goodwill rather than getting it brand new on Amazon or in traditional brick-and-mortar stores.Get Free Netflix Now

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You Might Deal with Depression or Anxiety


If you were in a severe car accident, then you may deal with depression afterward. You might feel like your life is coming apart if you sustained serious injuries or you hurt someone else.

You might have PTSD or anxiety. Perhaps you can’t drive again until you seek therapy to help you get through what happened. Some people can shake off an incident like this relatively easily, but for others, it will take longer.

Car wrecks always change your life’s course and that of your whole family as well. It’s always challenging trying to resume your old life, and it may never be completely the same again. All you can do is use your determination and fortitude to carry on.


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