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4 Tips for Saving Money During Extreme Weather

When the seasons shift, some locations experience extreme hot or cold weather that’s not pleasant to deal with. While most homes have systems to combat such problems, the costs of operating those systems will skyrocket in the face of extreme weather phenomena. This makes it doubly important to find ways to reduce your bills. Start saving money by following the techniques listed below.

Shop Around

Depending on the market and laws in your city and state, you may have access to multiple energy providers. When you rent or buy a home, the agency often recommends one power company, but it’s possible that there are others to choose from. To find a company that offers the best pricing scheme for your household, get a detailed energy bill and use it to estimate your costs on the various companies’ plans. You can also look into supplemental energy sources like solar panels.

Adjust Temperatures During Off Hours

Keeping your home at a constant temperature uses a lot of energy, which increases your energy bill. But when no one is home or everyone is sleeping, you can save money by backing off on your use of the home’s heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (or HVAC) system. You and your family can stay comfortable during cool nighttime temperatures by using extra blankets and wearing warm clothes. A programmable thermostat takes the memory work out of changing settings, while a smart thermostat gives you access when you are away from home.

Get Your System Checked

Your HVAC, like any other complicated machine, needs regular maintenance to make sure that it is running at its best. You can easily perform basic tasks without having any special training, like cleaning the exterior surfaces of your vents and changing out the furnace filter.

However, you should avoid doing complicated repairs yourself. At least once a year, you’ll want to bring in a technician from a qualified firm to flush the system and make sure that everything is running properly. This maintenance helps prevent spiraling damage which can cause costly repairs later on. The best time to call is before the inclement season, so you can beat the rush.

Check for Heat Loss Sources

While houses are initially built to keep their internal temperature separate from the environment outside, it’s normal for cracks to develop over time. Holes, tears, and gouges in your walls and floors will let the heat out and the cold in, leaving you with a less comfortable house and a furnace working overtime to keep up the temperature.

Try walking around the outside of your house before the weather hits and caulking any minor gaps you can find. This simple task will do wonders at keeping your heat loss under control, as will putting up thicker curtains and door seals.

Staying comfortable no matter the season or condition outside is a far easier task than ever before with modern technology. But however good the technology gets, there will always be tips and tricks for saving money.


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