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4 Self-Care Tips for the Busy Modern Ladies

It’s not easy to be a lady in the 21st century.Although many women today manage to win the fight for their right to beindependent, educated and employed, the stress that comes alongside thisvictory can sometimes seem unbearable. Besides having to fulfill theirtraditional roles as mothers and wives, women today have an even heavier burdenof social expectations to carry. As if being a woman wasn’t hard enough before,now women are expected to juggle a series of different roles throughout life.

Shout out to all the ladies reading this: don’t forget totake care of yourself. You are mistresses of your own fate, so take it intoyour hands and rely on the four Rs to help you do so – Release, Rest, Relate,and Reflect.

Try to Release the tension

Accumulating anger, guilt or stress can result in manynegative outcomes, some of the most common being psychosomaticillnesses. Immunological and psychological studies from the previousdecades have continued to show undeniable bonds between the way we manageeveryday stress and how our bodies react to it. The worst feature of stress-relateddeficiencies is that they most often have cumulative negative effects, whichcan’t be easily noticed until a lot goes wrong. In order to avoid stress asmuch as possible, make a list of things that you enjoy doing, but only thosethat are calming and relaxing. If you enjoy riding rollercoasters, keep in mindthat this is not a suitable activity for tension release, since it gathers moreadrenalin and cortisol that you want to get rid of. Think about activities likepainting, playing an instrument or fishing. Cardio sports are also good forreleasing the tension, but avoid competitive sports if you’re known to be asore loser.

Take some time to Rest

Right after you’ve released some tension, it’s important totake some time to rest both your body and your soul. There are several ways todo so, but keep in mind that physically relaxing is not enough to fully rest ifyour thoughts are all around the place. Putting your mind at ease might be evenmore beneficial to your overall health than resting physically. A good way to combinethe two is to enjoy a relaxing sauna session 2-3 times a week. If you wish tomake this your regular routine, it would be wise to get your own home sauna.Today you can find a qualitytraditional sauna for sale and enjoy your very own luxury rest at home.While the toxins are being released from your skin, focus on cleaning your mindby using mindfulness techniques in order to get the most out of this relaxingexperience.

Don’t forget to Relate with people in your life

As we get older and busier, time becomes a much morevaluable resource. We tend to focus on our own lives, and sometimes leave ourfriends and family out of them. Even though some might consider it necessary tofocus on one’s own self when it comes to self-care, it’s rather more importantto keep close social bonds alive and well. Don’t forget that humans are socialbeings, and without strong andsecure relationships, they tend to be unhappy. Don’t wait to start feelinglonely to call your best friends over for a cup of coffee, because then itmight already be late to remedy forgotten friendships. Vow to yourself to stayin contact with the people who are most important to you, because by takingcare of your social bonds, you are taking care of yourself, too.

Reflect on your previous actions

There’s no joy in going through life like a headless chickenwithout taking some time to look back and evaluate previous outcomes. How canwe learn from our mistakes if we don’t reflect on them? Moreover, we can’tenjoy those small everyday victories, either. Reflecting upon our previousendeavors helps us get a better picture of what we’ve accomplished, how farwe’ve come, as well as how far we still need to go.

So, ladies, take a pen and write down the four Rs on yourdesk, on your fridge, in your phone, in your planner and everywhere else youcan. If you keep reminding yourself of the need to take care of yourself, itwill be easier to do so. 


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