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4 Potential Career Paths For Health Fanatics


Are you a bit of a health fanatic? The type of person who follows a strict healthy eating plan and a vigorous exercise regime?  Perhaps you’ve considered channeling your passion for health into a new career? If so, there are plenty of options available.

1 . Personal Trainer

Personal trainers work to create personal fitness programmes, based on an individual client’s needs. A typical client is looking to lose weight, build up muscle, or train for a sporting event. Personal trainers show their clients the most effective exercise regimes to reach their goals. They use a combination of workouts, fitness machines, weights and classes. The typical responsibilities of a personal trainer include designing tailored plans; monitoring progress; and offering advice on nutrition and health. To become a personal trainer you’ll need to get yourself a high school degree and also complete a CPR and AED qualification. From here you’ll need to gain your PT Certification from a body such as the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

2. Nutritionist

Nutritionists are food and nutrition experts. They help their clients or patients choose the right foods. Nutritionists advise people on both the positive and negative health effects of certain foods. First a nutritionist will make an assessment of an individual’s eating habits, and then they will create a plan to get them on the right path. As well as working one-one with clients, a nutritionist might work with businesses and schools. It’s rather common for nutritionists to work with those who have medical issues. To get on the path to becoming a nutritionist you’ll need to pursue a degree in a health based discipline.

3.  Massage Therapist

Massage therapists help individuals to ease pain and tension by working on the soft tissues and muscles using various massaging techniques. A massage therapist might help those with health conditions, injuries from sports, or simply those who need to relax. There are a few different types of massage that you can specialise in, including sports massage, Thai massage or Indian head massage. To become a massage therapist you’ll need to study for a Diploma or Certificate in Massage Therapy.

4. Life Coach

Life coaches help people to determine their strengths, work on self-development and set goals. It’s similar to therapy or counselling, in that you work one-to-one with clients to talk about their lives, problem solve, and gain direction. Having said this, therapy and counselling is more about emotional healing. Life coaching is focused on creating positive goals to improve a client’s life.

Health care options
Perhaps you’re instead interested to pursue a career in health care? Nursing roles allow you to learn about health and to give back to the community. Health care professionals are consistently in demand, the USA has recently experienced a slight shortage of healthcare professionals across certain roles. Our country especially needs professionals in the area of internal medicine. If you are keen on finding open internal medicine jobs, check out the Practice Match website for further info.

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