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4 Key Ideas to Make the Most of a Boy’s Small Bedroom

In an ideal world, every house would be built with huge rooms and lots of space to deal with the endless things we seem to need to get by, but unfortunately in real life it isn’t always possible. When it comes to bedrooms, many of us have one which is smaller than the rest, which can present a real challenge when trying to fix it up for your child.

Making the most of a small bedroom for a boy takes some planning, thought and imagination, but with the boys small bedroom ideas outlined below to inspire and guide you, the task may not be as stressful or problematic as you first imagined.

Here are a few key ideas to get you started on the road to creating a bedroom any boy would love, from a seemingly impossible small space.

Idea #1 – Get Creative with the Space

Beds for Youngsters

Young children are more likely to need floor space to play in, and as they are physically smaller they can manage with a smaller bed. This is a good compromise, but you should never buy anything without at least one drawer underneath or you are automatically writing off a decent storage space. If you are furnishing a small bedroom for a boy who can confidently and safely manage heights and steps you have a few more options. In that case, look at things like raised beds with a play area underneath – a good investment as later the toy chests can be replaced by a desk and chair, or at least a cabin bed which will provide lots of storage and could even perhaps let you do without a closet, saving you lots of extra space.

Beds for Tweenies

Cabin beds are still a good option at this age, although a stylish alternative would be to have a platform built with a desk and chair on it and a comfortable mattress hidden underneath, ready to be pulled out at bedtime. [This is also handy if the room has s slope which eats up much of the available space.]

Beds for Teenagers

Although platform beds are workable there are still more options around to suit teenage tastes. It’s worth looking at space age solutions such as beds that fold up against the wall, or a futon which can be covered with a throw and oversized cushions to look and act like a sofa when they have friends visiting.

The Mezzanine – A Teen’s Dream

If you are lucky enough to have a high ceiling in the bedroom, building a mezzanine floor is a fun and quirky way to create more room for teenagers from a small space. Depending on the logistics this could be more of a ‘crouch down to get into bed’ space, or be taller and become a study; or a chill out area with bean bags and electronic game consoles, the ideal place to read, draw and entertain friends. Either way this should create at least 50% more available space than the room would have had without it.

Double Up

Having furniture do double duty where possible is also a great way to maximize the space you have. For example, stools, cubes or ottomans should always be the type that open to provide storage space, while a drawer to store clothes can also act as a bedside cabinet for a lamp or night stand, clock and anything else your child needs to keep close to the bed.

Exploit the Potential of Alcoves

Sloping roofs and strangely shaped rooms don’t have to be a problem, in fact they, along with alcoves, can be a blessing as all sorts of things can be slotted or built into those spaces. Shelving is a classic example, and much more flexible when custom made than a bookcase ever could be. One tip though – don’t be afraid to use higher space too. Your small child may not get much use from that, but when he or she is older and taller, the benefits will be apparent, and welcomed.


Built in closets are definite space savers, although obviously limiting in terms of changing the look of a room. Whatever you decide to buy, look for something with plenty of half height hanging space, and less, or even no full length. Little children don’t have clothes long enough to need five or six feet of closet space to store them, and even when they are older most clothes will be on hangers and only need a short drop. Just this one thing can create shelving for things like sweaters and shirts.

Work the Walls

Displaying items on walls is a great way to enjoy them while freeing up floor space and drawers. Things such as hats and bags can be made to look good on specially designed wall holders, or even a row of pegs.

Idea #2 Choose the Right Decor

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

While you may not want to use mirrors to create the illusion of space in a small bedroom while your child is very young, they are a good option for teenagers. From mirrored built in closets to cleverly hung items to catch the light from any windows, this is an easy trick to make a small space very livable.

Choose Your Colors Carefully

If decorating for a young child, light, fresh yellows, whites, soft greens and light blues can create a sense of space, so decorating the walls in any of those will definitely help the room feel open yet warm. Avoiding darker primary colors and keeping the walls plain rather than patterned will also make the room look and feel more spacious, as will painting the walls, floor and ceiling in contrasting colors.

Pick Out Space-Giving Furnishings

Curtains, carpets, comforters and lamp shades should ideally be in light colors which complement those chosen for the walls, although white may not be particularly practical for children. Make a bold color statement on the floor if you feel that is something which will add to the room. Painting floorboards in bright colors or adding some eye catching rugs are both easy and affordable options which can be easily updated as your child grows and their tastes change.

Idea #3 – Let There be Light

Work Your Windows

While it generally isn’t practical to start adding more windows to a room, it is important to really make the most of those you have. For maximum light exposure, and consequently a feeling of more space, try voile drapes with a darker roller blind for night time use. Voiles offer privacy, but the sheer fabric doesn’t filter the natural light you have coming in, or block much of it off as curtains tend to do. They are also easier for young children to work with than blinds would be.

Lighting Is Important

Dimmer lights are a very good choice for the main lighting source as they are flexible enough to suit the bedroom as your child grows. Other lights can be chosen based on what your child needs them for. Perhaps a desk lamp is enough to use for homework and studying, but a stronger light elsewhere would suit a bookworm.

Where possible, make the most of wall space by having lamps wired into the walls. This avoids trailing wires, keeps power sockets free and of course frees up that very valuable floor space.

Idea #4 Encourage Clutter-free Space

There is not a lot of opportunity for hoarding anything much in a small space, but even if your child has an average amount of games, toys, clothes, books, and other possessions, it is surprising how quickly a small space becomes messy and uncomfortable to be in.

Rather than get to the point where things cannot be found when needed, or get broken after being left lying around, create spaces for things to live. Young children can easily pick up the habit of being tidy and regularly picking up and organizing their things – personal skills they will find useful throughout life.

The possibilities of hidden storage under beds and inside ottomans have already been covered, along with making the most of wall space and alcoves, but one more option which can be especially useful when a young boy has a small bedroom are baskets. These are available in fabric, woven and plastic varieties and come in a range of sizes. They are useful for storing anything from toys and books to games and shoes, and can often be stacked to take up even less space.

Small Can Be Beautiful

Although trying to get the most you can from a small bedroom can be a challenge, it is possible to make it work. Inevitably this will involve more thought and planning than working with a larger bedroom might, but the end result, where every inch is used in a way which is appropriate to the age, needs and tastes of the boy who uses it, makes the time spent a worthy investment.


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