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4 Common Baby Skin Conditions And Simple Ways on How to Treat Them

Having a baby is like entering a whole new dimension. If you’re a first-time parent, you will have some strange, interesting, and often scary encounters!

Below, I will let you in on some of the common baby skin conditions that you may encounter in your little one’s first few months. I’ve encountered all of these myself, and thanks to doctors and fellow moms, I was able to understand all of them better!

I will be providing the conditions, the possible causes, and ways on how you can treat them. Hope these will be helpful!

  1. Baby has acne-like spots

Blemishes and pimple-like dots on your baby’s face? This is most probably baby acne, a common condition that usually happens on a baby’s first to second week that can stretch on for weeks or months.

Some of the possible reasons for baby acne are hot temperatures, chemicals in breastfeeding medication, and a mother’s hormones being transferred to the baby’s system.

If your baby has this condition, you can gentle facial cleansers or simply wipe your baby’s face with a clean washcloth and water.

  1. Baby’s cheeks turn extra red

It’s common for babies to have red cheeks – extra red cheeks, however, could mean that your baby has a condition called fifth disease (also sometimes referred to as “slapped cheeks disease”).

Don’t worry; this is a completely normal condition! This is normal for pre-schoolers, but babies get it too.

If your baby experiences discomfort or itchiness, consult a doctor. This usually goes away on its own, but in some cases, doctors need to prescribe some medicine to prevent fever or soreness.

  1. Baby has red, raised birthmarks

These red birthmarks, which is referred to as strawberry hemangioma or red birthmark, usually appear in the first few weeks of a baby’s life. These could start out as small dots and increase in size in the first few months or years.

This condition is usually caused by immature veins that break away from a baby’s circulatory system, or simply when there are extra blood vessels that cluster on the skin.

Most of the time, they will go away by the time your child starts preschool. If, however, the mark keeps growing or starts bleeding, consult your doctor. Possible procedures for removal include surgery and laser therapy.

  1. Baby has scab-like spots

Notice some scabs or blister-like marks on your baby’s diaper area? This is most probably a condition called impetigo.

This contagious skin condition is usually caused by bacteria from another child, or an infection made worse by a cut, allowing bacteria to enter the skin. Don’t worry – this condition is normal, and can be treated easily!

Sometimes, all you need is to keep your baby extra clean! If the case is more severe, your doctor may prescribe some antibiotics or skin cream. You can also explore new diapers and wipes and maybe consider wipe warmers.

Hope you were enlightened!

Skin conditions are very common in babies, so don’t get stressed out! Most children grow out of this. Most cases do not require any heavy treatment, but if you’re really worried, visiting your pediatrician is still the best thing to do!

Hope you learned something from this article! If you have comments or suggestions, send them my way in the comments section below!




My name is Stacy Belk. I’m a 30-something stay-at-home mom who loves reading to and with my two kids! I also collect cookbooks and experiment on affordable and healthy recipes. Read my blog at MomWoot.com




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