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3 Ways to Save Time and Money Buying Furniture

These days, buying new furniture is more convenient and cost-effective than ever before. And while it may seem easier to remodel your living room by inheriting your mother’s old couch and coffee table, know that these types of items are likely out of warranty and may not be in optimal condition.

New furniture not only comes with a warranty, but you can also get it delivered straight to your home. With financing options available for new furniture, you can start furnishing your home sooner and in more affordable payments. Here are three ways to make buying new furniture affordable and convenient:

1. Financing Options

Buy now, pay later. Indeed, the beauty of financing your furniture purchases means you get to enjoy these pieces now and pay for them over an agreed-to period of time. Doing so can make buying the furniture you want today within reach, and paying the pieces off in time can even improve your credit score. 

Most furniture retailers, including both online and brick-and-mortar storefronts, offer financing options to customers. Often, they outsource customer financing to third-party lending companies willing to take on the risk of financing your purchase, even with a sub-par credit score.

2. Delivery

Shelling out for a moving truck and some movers to haul your new furniture home for you is a project in it of itself. However, know that most furniture retailers offer home delivery and will take special care of your items to avoid any damage. Indeed, buying furniture from a store that delivers helps you save not just time but also money on what it takes to rent a truck and labor. 

Additionally, it’s a lot more cost-effective when delivery is built into the furniture purchase. Another plus is that you don’t have to handle any assembly of the furniture that may be required once it’s moved, as the delivery service will include this, too.

3. Clearance, Floor Sample or Outlet Store Options

Compared to buying something online, visiting a furniture store in-person more easily allows you to test out and determine if a specific piece is right for you. To save money on new furniture, shop the clearance section or see if you can buy the floor sample at a discounted price. 

Additionally, know that outlet furniture pieces are discounted at low prices, so make it a point to shop at outlet stores for better deals. Then again, retailers like Jerome’s offer some of the best prices on furniture in San Diego. Plus, customers get the convenience of home delivery and financing. In fact, you can get same-day delivery to your home on any furniture piece in the showroom.

Buying New Furniture the Easy Way

Buying new furniture to design the interior of your home may seem like a big investment when you could otherwise purchase second-hand furniture. But, when you know where to look for the best prices on new furniture, it’s a no-brainer. The good news is you don’t have to put in a ton of extra time to find the best furniture deals. Knowing where to look makes the process a lot easier, especially when you have a sense of what will suit your place best.

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