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3 Ways the Internet Can Help When Your Child is Unwell

Today, most advice on the internet should be taken with a pinch of salt when it comes to health and wellness. If you or your little one is feeling under the weather, it’s always best to see a doctor rather than Googling the symptoms – you may find some great advice, but there’s also the risk that you’ll self-diagnose with something completely different, or come across tips that will end up doing more harm than good. However, this isn’t to say that the internet is completely useless when your child isn’t feeling great – quite the opposite! We’ve listed some of the best ways to channel the net to help your little one get better.

Tip #1. Online Prescription Ordering

Whether they have come down with an awful cold or have a highly contagious condition such as chicken pox, chances are, you won’t want to be getting your little one ready to go out and pick up their medication from the pharmacy. If your doctor has prescribed something to help them feel better and recover quickly, you can save both time and money by filling your prescription online instead. Once your prescription has been written by your doctor, you can enter the details at an online pharmacy and have the medication delivered straight to your door, allowing you to continue enjoying your duvet day. For more information, visit the Canadian Pharmacy World blog.

Tip #2. Online Forums for Help and Support

Today, many parents are a part of online communities where they can give and get help, advice and support with their journey. If your little one is feeling unwell, you can turn to these online communities for support and advice. However, bear in mind that it’s important to see your doctor first, as self-diagnosis, or allowing people online to give their suggestions, could result in you thinking something completely different is wrong. Once you’ve gotten the diagnosis from your doctor, other parents online may be able to offer helpful advice. For example, if their child has been through something similar, they can tell you what they did to make them more comfortable and recover quickly.

Tip #3. Distractions and Fun

For little ones, being stuck at home and not feeling well is an awful experience, especially if they’re missing out on doing all sorts of fun and exciting things with their friends at school. Thankfully, the internet is there to save the day – there’s no need for your child to be stuck in bed all day bored when they can watch movies, play games, and more online! Let the rules about screen time slide just this once; having something fun or constructive to do will cheer your little one up and even help them recover! There are thousands of free online games that your little ones can enjoy, along with pictures to print and color in, movies to watch on Netflix, and much more!

Do you use the internet to help your little one cheer up and get better when they’re unwell? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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