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3 Things Moms Should Consider About Government Jobs

Most of us have the great goal of becoming educated, getting a great job and being able to raise a healthy family at some point in our life.  None of these things is easy to do, especially being a mom, but online courses have made things a little easier.  A lot of people think that working for the government is ideal due to the fact that you are likely to be paid well and that insurance coverage will be top notch compared to other industries.  Raising a family with good insurance sure makes things easier to deal with.  Here we are going to cover a few things to consider when looking into government work as a mother.

Don’t Forget Part-Time Jobs

Even though it might be ideal to have a full-time job with the government, do not quit looking or forget that part-time work is also available.  If you cannot find a full-time job in your area, look for part-time.  In some cases, working part-time will get you in the door and there you might have the chance to move into a full-time job once they open up over the years.  Most people know that you cannot be picky about working, so keeping that mindset and an open mind about part-time work could be helpful in your search.

Part-Time Work Equals More Family Time

One of the best parts about having a job that is not full-time is the fact that you will be able to spend more time with your family.  This can help with raising small kids, or if you want to be able to cut the child care costs that will come with leaving your children while you and your husband are at work.  This way you can earn money and job skills without having to be away for the entire day.  Some part-time jobs will even work around your day making the hours you do work even more customizable.

Online Degrees That Help

If you are thinking about getting into the workforce after college and want a government job, there are online programs that will help you. Norwich University offers an online master in public administration program that you can add to your resume before looking for that ideal government job.  Online courses are easy to sign up for and make it easier to work or raise a family at the same time you are working towards your education.  Many government jobs require some kind of degree, so going for a 2 year degree is ideal, but moving onto an online MPA degree is going to open even more doors.

Being a mom seems like a full-time job sometimes, but as your child grows up and get into school themselves you are afforded more time to get back to what you want to do in education or work.  Take advantage of this time and enroll in online courses that can help you further your career when looking for jobs in the government sector.


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