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3 Career Options for Parents Who Need a Flexible Class Schedule

In theory, being a parent isn’t that hard and your everyday life doesn’t change that much just because you have little ones to care for. Sure, babies can keep you up all night, but they don’t stay that small for long. Teenagers can be moody and demanding, but they are also strongly independent. The fact of the matter is that parents have to constantly put their needs and desires second to their children. The best respiratory therapist schools in Dallas Texas offer attendees a plethora of scheduling choices. If you can only go to college at night, there’s going to be a class schedule that will fit into your lifestyle seamlessly. Want to be able to work on the weekends but still have the ability to change your schedule around on the fly? Working at a restaurant might be a very good choice.

1. Culinary Arts

Restaurants need bussers, servers, cooks, dishwashers, managers, and hosts, all in equal parts. The more high-class, swanky eateries aren’t going to hire just anyone who comes in for an interview. They want workers who have gone to school and trained to become the best of the best in the food industry. If you go to school for culinary arts, you will be able to get a job at a restaurant that offers you a flexible working schedule.

2. Respiratory Therapy

People with asthma might be given a steroid or a prescription inhaler to help keep sudden asthma attacks at bay. At the same time, people who suffer from breathing issues need the ability to manage their symptoms without the use of an inhaler in high stakes situations. Respiratory therapists mainly work in medical settings, but they don’t have to work strictly during business hours. In fact, many respiratory therapists have flexible part-time hours where they remain on call and only come in when the need for an intervention arises. With a job in this line of work, you can schedule all of your appointments, as well as your work hours.

3. Finance

The finance industry includes bankers, stockbrokers, and financial planners, among others. Parents with degrees in finance also have the opportunity to work from their home offices in a lot of cases. You can get your degree and become a day trader, working solely for your home-based business. Alternatively, you can work for an internet-based bank and show up for meetings via your webcam.

Parents have historically needed to go into different careers because of having children with special needs, or just finding that their work hours were not conducive to parenting. If you work in a field where you can’t work on another shift or you have just reached the ceiling, then transition into one of the three above-listed careers. Go back to school, find a class schedule that is flexible, and go into a new career that enables you to have the quality time you want with your children and family.


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