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25 Creative Ideas to Spend Your Free Time

Having some time to spare is a rare opportunity, and while it is completely okay to sleep it off, in case you can’t, you may think of doing something that would be productive. Not that you don’t want it, but it usually happens that we end up wasting those rare moments of sunshine, and then feel bad about it. To avoid any more of such situations, read on.

  1. Read

This is the best thing humans can do, and you should definitely keep this at the top of your list. It can be anything- the latest bestseller, newspapers old and new, some old stuff you have suddenly come across, advertisements, just about anything. There is nothing like reading to help in overall development.

  1. Go for a walk

When was the last time you took a walk? Amid late nights and rushing to the office, we tend to ignore the simplest of things that go a long way in keeping us healthy. Just take your dog out and go for a stroll. Not only will there be some good bonding, but there would also be some beautiful fragrances you’re generally too busy to appreciate.

  1. Volunteer

No help is enough to solve the problems plaguing the world. So why not use your spare time to give back something to it? It may be anything- an animal shelter, a home for old people, a place having children with special needs, whatever that you like doing.

  1. Make your own garden

Some people find handling the mud yucky, but gardening actually is a very holistic experience. It helps in increasing the green cover of the earth, it provides shelter to countless organisms, and it makes you connect with the earth literally hands on. Apart from helping develop qualities like patience and understanding, it would also give you tasty food and beautiful flowers.

  1. Cook

If you have the passion for it, why not try out the dish you had in an office party a few weeks back? There is no lack of culinary advice out there, and breaking the monotony in your table would cheer up your day like anything. Your kids would love special dishes.

  1. Watch movies

This is something you should definitely do if you have a few hours to spare. It is always a good idea to find out more awesome movies like the one you liked amazingly well recently. For example, if you like Transporter, you can easily find out movies similar to Transporter that suit your taste.

  1. Clean Your Inbox

There are literally thousands of emails in there, and every time your inbox fills up, you manage by doing away with the uppermost ones you can manage. And often you end up deleting important stuff in the process. So use your spare time to carefully go through your inbox to decide what you need and what you don’t. That would help you avoid needless anxiety and save a lot of your time.

  1. Write

You may not be the next Rowling, but putting your thoughts on paper is always worth the effort. Research has shown that writing is a good way to get rid of stress. If you are a closet writer, maybe sometime in the future, kids would be mugging up your poems in school. Cool, eh?

  1. Sew

Small tears in clothes are usually overlooked, thanks to laziness and shortage of time, and then they become big holes, leading to the ultimate discarding. So why not pick up some from the pile and start sewing? You can always donate those clothes if you don’t feel like wearing mended ones. Then there is always the option of selling some of your handmade products to your local boutique to make some easy money if you are good at it.

  1. Paint

There are many ways you can do this. You can sketch, you can use colors. You can use any medium- charcoal, oil, acrylic. The canvas is yours, and nearly everyone is a painter- it is so primitive and liberating. And it helps elevate your mood like anything.

  1. Dig up the past

This is an incredibly fun and unconventional way of spending your time. You may never know the craziest relations you may have with some of the craziest people in history. There are paid sites like Ancestry.com, but you can always begin with free genealogy websites.

  1. Sing

Why not put your bathroom singing skills to some use? Nobody is asking you to perform on stage, but you can never know how incredible it is to sing along with your favorite star until you actually give it a try.

  1. Learn an instrument

There are just so many beautiful musical instruments out there. Pick up one, look up some online tutorials, and you are set. While the guitar is always the easiest and cheapest option, you can always get things imported if you can afford them.

  1. Look at the sky

Stargazing is something we are increasingly forgetting to do at a non-professional level. Yet the sky is one of the most beautiful things in creation. Whether or not you are astronomically inclined, using a telescope or just your eyes to appreciate the countless celestial bodies and to know about them never gets boring.

  1. Look at the birds

This is another really cool way of spending your time. Thanks to mobile networks, filling up of water bodies and chemicals, the birds are endangered in a way they have never been before. So, sitting down to watch how these amazing and beautiful creatures go about their lives is not only a refreshing experience but will also make you aware of their habits and their condition.

  1. Click pictures, not selfies

This is something that pays. So if you have good skills with the camera, just pick it up and shoot. There are sites like iStockphoto where you can sell your shots and earn a few extra bucks for yourself. This is especially favorable for new moms. Take some cool shots while out with your baby and then come back and just put them up for sale.

  1. Code

This is especially for those women with a lot of tech knowledge which can’t be put to use for the time being thanks to changing nappies. New moms can always sign up for sites like Upwork and offer their coding skills for decent money.

  1. Papier mache

This is something many of us have done as children, and frankly, making a paste out of old paper and glue to give shape to beautiful objects is incredibly fun and satisfying. It is also an environment-friendly option because it helps in recycling.

  1. Blog

If you are a good and confident writer willing to share your ideas with the world, blogging should be the thing for you. Through this, not only can you create an amazing platform for forming and exchanging ideas, but can also earn some cash by sponsoring sites once you become popular. That will take some time, but if you spend your days holed up, then you might give this a thought. You can writer for others or do some other stuffs online and make handsome money. Stay-at-home mommas, take note.

  1. Repair

A broken watch, the broken leg of a shelf, the crack in the wall – the list goes on. If you are okay with going rough and know how to, you can always put your skills to use when you have some time to spare. Then, of course, there are the DIY videos on YouTube where you can learn almost everything.

  1. Stay in touch

Finally got a break? Why not make a call to that college friend? Talking about things is a great stress-buster. You can also drop a short and nice email to those professional contacts whom you never got the time to get back to before. Networking is an important thing today, and you can never be short of it.

  1. Meditate

This is the best way out there to put your mind to rest. Meditation is an ancient Indian technique, and it can solve a lot of your physical and mental problems. However, doing it under an instructor is recommended because it also has a few negative effects.

  1. Plan

Forming and working under a plan is always a good way to approach life if you are the organized kind. So once you get some time to yourself, form a plan on how to proceed. This way, you will stop overlooking important stuff, manage your tasks well, and lead a stress-free life.

  1. Catch up

So you are a doctor, and you have one of those rare moments in office when you are free. Now what do you do? Instead of poring over difficult cases, call up people and know how things exactly are. Sure, you can always surf the net and look up books. But in a professional space, there are so many things beyond those that you need to be aware of.

  1. Clean up

The sight of your wardrobe gives you a fever every time you look at it, right? So why not use the time you have got to clean up the mess? Switch on the music, fold up those dresses and it will ensure that you get clean stuff every time you go out. Things will be right within your reach, saving up on your time.

Final Thoughts

While some of these may take up a good amount of your energy, the point is not to make them appear like extra work. So, always do what you want to do at the end of the day.



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