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20 Birthday Game ideas for birthdays

Having an awesome party for your kids is based solely on two things: how good the food is but mostly how much fun everyone has at the party.

Here are some ideas for games that almost everyone will love.

Pass The Parcel

Goodies such as treats or small (preferably flat) prizes are wrapped in layers of wrapping paper.

Each layer has a prize of some sort.

The kids sit in a circle and pass the parcel as music plays, when the music plays, whoever has the parcel has to unwrap a layer to get a prize.

Musical Chairs

A classic!

There will be x amount of players and then a few fewer chairs than players are arranged in a circle (facing outward)

The players will march around the chairs as music plays and when the music stops, everyone rushes to get a seat.

Sleeping Lions

All the players must lay face down on the floor, staying completely still.

Someone, usually an adult will walk about and try to entice the players to move.

Anyone who so much as twitches is out.

I’m pretty sure this game was invented by a parent who was desperate for some peace.

Pin The Tail on The Donkey

There are tons of fun variations of this classic game.

You could play pin the horn on the unicorn, or pin the mask on the ninja turtle, or my personal favorite – pin the glasses on Harry Potter.

I’m sure there will be something you could use for your party theme.

Musical Statues

I know this game from my childhood, but we used to call it Salt Pillars, perhaps that was too Old Testament for people.

Everyone who plays dances around to music and when the music stops they have to be completely still, like a statue, or else they’re out.

Balloon  Pop

The players sit in a circle and pass around a balloon but the balloon has a piece of paper with a task written on inside it.

When the music stops whoever has the balloon needs to pop it and perform the task.

Think of funny things like; try to lick your elbow.


Pick someone who is ‘ít’. He or she will have to try to make the other players laugh by making faces or acting silly (no touching or talking though)

Whoever laughs is out, but gets to join whoever is ‘it’ to make the others laugh.

Simon Says

Everyone should more or less know how this game works.

The players will stand about an arm’s length away from each other and the person who is ‘it’ will give them instructions, but they are only to follow said instructions when the ‘it’ says the words ‘Simon says’ before giving the instruction.


Charades is a game where you act out words or phrases that are written on a piece of paper and chosen at random.

Split the kids into teams and help them to act out their words or phrases.

Kids Drive-In

All you need is a projector, an empty wall, and a bunch of boxes decorated like cars.

This is a simple, cheap way to keep kids busy and out of trouble during cleanup at a party.

And the best part is, almost everything can be DIY’d

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are so versatile, you can do almost anything with them – egg hunts, treasure hunts, the ski is the limit.

All it involves is cleverly placed objects and a set of clues to find them.

The kids have to work together in order to solve the clues.


Pinatas are tons of fun for birthdays.

They are actually quite awesome because they incorporate snacks with entertainment and exercise.

You can make a pinata yourself (although I would certainly never try that again) or you can buy one online, they’re much cheaper online anyways.

Obstacle Course

An obstacle course is a great way to engage kids both physically and mentally, and also to tire them out physically and mentally.

And an obstacle course can be as easy or as challenging as you want to make it (depending on the kids’ age though)

Water Balloon Fight

Great for summertime parties and favorite amongst kids of all ages.

All you need is a few buckets filled with water balloons and a bunch of kids who seriously want to throw them at each other.

And unless you’re at the beach, you may want to keep it out of the house. Yikes.

Doughnut on a String

Tie a tightrope between two trees and hang doughnuts on strings at different heights from that rope.

The kids then have to eat their doughnut off the string without using their hands at all.

Egg and Spoon Race

Kids have to race from point A to point B whilst balancing a raw egg in a spoon!

Yes, the egg can fall off but then they have to take time to get a new egg and that will put them behind.

This is a race after all.

Giant Outdoor Games

These are giant sized versions of regular games like Jenga or even Tic Tac Toe.

The best part is apart from the fact that these can, of course, be made yourself – that kids and adults alike will love these games!

Three-legged Race

Three legs, two partners, one goal – to win (and not smack down and collide with other kids of course)

Two kids will stand side by side and tie the legs that are next to each other to each other and try to race that way.


Participants will stand in a circle, facing the inside of the circle.

Everyone will reach a hand into the circle and take someone else’s hand, then they will repeat that process with the other hand.

They then need to untangle themselves without letting go of their hands, i.e. by climbing over and under each other.

Balloon Stomp

Participants will stand in a circle with an inflated balloon tied to their either left or right ankle ( but use the same ankle for everyone)

They will then attempt to stomp on the balloon of the person next to them while also protecting their own.


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