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2 Steps To Avoid Back Pain When You Wake Up Every Morning

Back pain is one of the most regular health complaints amongst adults in this day and age. It can almost feel like you break your back as a parent, trying to look after your whole family. You keep them as healthy as can be, but what about yourself?!

Your back pain can come from many different sources, but it usually manifests itself in the morning. As soon as you wake up, you roll out of bed with a sharp pain in your spine. It’s the worst way to start the day, so pay attention to these steps to prevent/eliminate the pain:

Change your mattress

Even if your back has been hurting throughout the day, it tends to be exacerbated by a dodgy mattress. So, you can instantly improve the situation by getting a better mattress. Some people’s backs respond better to soft mattresses, but others respond better to harder ones.

Additionally, the bed frame plays a key role, as well. If you had a good mattress on the floor, it would quickly turn into a bad one. You can see on the Bedroom Furniture Discounts website that many different bedroom sets are available to compliment your mattress. Now, it has a sturdy base to stay in excellent condition for as long as possible. As a result, your back will feel much better every morning.

It’s all about getting something that doesn’t put your back muscles under too much stress. If your mattress is over ten years old, it might be time to look into getting a new one.

Stretch before bed

The second step is something you should do daily. For 5-10 minutes before bed, do a few stretches and yoga poses. A lot of back pain is caused by bad posture, which stems from your hip flexors getting really tight. So, a few hip flexor stretches will banish a lot of your back pain before bed. Of course, doing things like the child’s pose are also great stretches for your lower back.

Do this every night before bed, and you will gradually see dramatic improvements in your back pain throughout the day. However, it should also provide some instant benefits come the morning. You’ll find less soreness upon awakening, meaning you can get on with your day on a much happier note.

If you wanted to add something more to the stretching, you could buy a foam roller or some type of massage ball. They’re widely available online, and you can use them to provide a bit of a self-massage before stretching. Some people find them really useful, but if your pain threshold is relatively low, it might be best to leave them alone.

Realistically, this is one of the simplest plans you’ll ever follow! It only includes two steps, and you only have to do one of them consistently. However, here’s the kicker, you won’t see improvements if you don’t follow both steps. No matter how much stretching you do, it will mean nothing if your bed is dodgy. Likewise, regardless of how good your mattress is, you won’t see the best results unless you stretch.


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