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12 Old School Tips to Serve as Your Skin Wellness Reminders

Do you know what the biggest organ of a human body is?

The skin.

However, ourskin is also one of the most neglected parts of our physique. Probably becausewe are pretty comfortable in your own skin – literally and figurativelyspeaking. But because the skin is essentially the biggest part of our body andit is likewise the frontline defense against all those internal substances,including the sun itself, then yes, we really should take really good care ofthe whole of it.

Below are justsome of the most simple yet commonly neglected ways to take care of our skin.Let’s see how many of these have you been disregarding most of the time:

1. Cleanse Before Bedtime

Most of us arealways exhausted after a whole workday of stress and perhaps, hours ofovertime. It’s almost easy to just crawl into bed and fall into deep sleepinstantly. However, it is a must to discipline yourself to wash your face andthe most exposed parts of your skin every night to prevent dirt and germs fromlingering and even spreading on your body’s outer covering. Simple, yet easy toignore most of the time, right?

2. Take Skin Care Seriously

Take the skintest and know how to properly take care of your outermost layer. Visit skinexperts regularly like AbsoluteCosmetics or your own dermatologist to get help in maintaining your skin’shealth. It is not “just” your skin, it is your skin. It is thebiggest organ in your system, so take good and serious care of it.

3. Put on Sunscreen

There are onlycertain hours in a day when the sun’s rays are considered healthy. However,even by then, you should already have your sunscreen on. Direct exposure to sunlight can damageyour skin. Elementary Science, painful to forget.

4. Exfoliate Just Enough

Exfoliants arethese tiny, bead-like skin care products that are best to cleanse your pores.But it should not be used excessively. According to experts, it is good toexfoliate every other night. Yet for some skin types, it would be best toobserve and do it less frequently if your skin shows a little negativereaction. Exfoliation should only be done only as frequent as your skin cantake it.

5. Love Your Hands

Your hands arethe first to show ageing due to its constant exposure and use (abuse). So takegood care of your hands by constantly moisturizing them, refraining fromproducts that can make them dry and hard, and a lot more.

6. Sleep on Silk

You got thatright – silk. That is why standard PJs and pillow cases are silk because it isthe best material for our skin, especially during the time when we areunconsciously rubbing our outer layers, especially on our face, from thesesheets and clothes.

7. Stop the Smoking Habit

This has beentaught by our health teachers since grade school. Still, a lot of people cannotquit smoking. Yes, smoking can damage our skin and make it look older than itshould be.

9. Reduce Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice (includingsalt)

Food isdefinitely more sumptuous with some sweet and salty taste. However, too muchsugar and spice can also damage some of your organs, including your skin.

10. Eat Your Antioxidants

Greens, somefruits, vegetables and other substances that can potentially safeguard yourcells from free radicals are what we commonly know as antioxidants. Takingenough antioxidants can lighten and enhance your skin’s natural glow.

11. Move Your Body

Exercise.Exercise. Exercise. – This one cannot be strssed out even further.

12. Fall Asleep Early

As mothers say,“early to bed, early to rise, makes a (wo)man healthy, wealthy andwise.” Well, you couldn’t be wealthy overnight – but health is stillwealth. Enough sleep is one of the best ways to achieve overall wellness.

Unleash yournatural glow through these above-mentioned old school tips and you willcertainly get the best out of your own self in your own skin.


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