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12 Brilliantly Practical Gifts for a First Time Mom’s Baby Shower

To be pregnant is to be vitally alive, thoroughly woman, and distressingly inhabited. Soul and spirit are stretched – along with body – making pregnancy a time of transition, growth, and profound beginnings.”

– Anne Christian Buchanan

Having your first child is likegoing to first grade all over again. Although you have an idea of what iscoming and you had a tons of tips from almost everyone around you, it willnever be the same once on hand.

It is significant for first timemoms to have all the love and support they can get from their families andfriends. And one of the best ways to show this is simply through giving heruseful and inspiring baby shower presents. Below are some of the most perfectgift suggestions for the wonderful and special first time mom.

1. Essential Baby Gift Sets

This will literally be this firsttime mom’s Girl Scout kit. It may commonly contain Baby wipes, face and bodylotions, organic healing gels, a couple of diapers, baby liquid soap, andhypoallergenic shampoo and other necessities in terms of having a newly bornchild.

2. Adorable Baby Monitor

Baby monitors nowadays are come incute little designs. You can now choose from an apple and a flower to a dog andeven a penguin. These infant security systems can definitely help a lot withthe mother’s peace of mind.

3. A Basket of Lovely Flowers

There is something about beautifullyarranged flowers that uplifts a lady’s mood. Some new baby flowersin a basket or bouquet will make her feel special and can also serve as a warmwelcome for her wonderful child.

4. Relaxing Scented Candles

Aroma therapy can help reduceanxiety and stress. This is what a first time mom would need to help drain downto nothing the possibility of postpartum depression.

5. Baby’s First Photography Session

This can be one of the coolest babyshower gifts ever. Creating a memory out of the beginning of life is really a marvel.

6. Awesome Memory Photobook / Scrapbook

This type of gift can be tagged asold and cliche. But it definitely never dies. A really adorable documentationof a new journey ahead would be a delightful gift to a new mom.

7. Creative Baby Milestone Calendar

This is another creative andinnovative way to track and collect memories. Literally a daily blow by blowupdate about an unfolding adventure. A first time mom will definitely beexcited to fill this all up!

8. Hand-Made Room Decors

A gift with a personal touch isreally an unforgettable one – especially if you can hang them on the wall. Anew mother will absolutely appreciate this labor of love.

9. Handy Mommy Totes

In the coming months, a first timemom will be needing this handy assistant for all her baby stuff. Believe it ornot, having an infant will require you to bring a lot of necessary things withyou all the time. Although it can be ironic how a little child can be a handful– but that is the reality.

10. Convenient Boba Wrap or Carrier

Sooner or later, the first time momwill be needing to carry and breastfeed her baby even outdoors. This will behelpful for these kinds of situation.

11. Portable Infant Changing Station

With this, the new mom will only beneeding a clean, flat surface and she can change the baby’s diapers anytime,anywhere.

12. Cute and Innovative Stroller

It may come with a handle break orcanister for the feeding bottles, rain shields, and a lot more, as long as itcan make this first time mom’s life easier indoors or outdoors, then this adorablestroller is perfect gift.

These gift suggestions can go on andon. However, these are practically the most necessary ones as of the moment.Choose your best baby shower gift and make that new momma a happy one!


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