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10 Benefits of Learning a Second Language at an Early Age

Enrich your child’s life with a second language! Here are the benefits of learning a second language at an early age.

Communication is the key to understanding each other better. That’s why the languages each person speaks are so valuable for building bridges between cultures.

The more languages you’re able to speak, the greater your chances of reducing conflicts and helping people. 

So when is the optimum time to learn a second language? This article takes a look at the benefits of learning a second language at an early age. 

If you’ve been considering introducing your child to new cultures, this might be exactly the information you’ve been seeking. Keep reading to discover the benefits of learning a foreign language in elementary school.

1. Children Learn Faster

First and foremost, children learn faster than adults. Thus a second language is easier for them to acquire. This is especially true with children under the age of ten.

2. It Will Help Boost Their English Language Skills 

Another tremendous benefit of learning a second language as early as possible is the fact that it helps them develop their native language with greater ease. Bilingual children speak their native language better, and they also start reading sooner than other children.

3. It Will Benefit in Their Other Subjects

When young students learning a new language, they also tend to excel in other subjects as well. Thus they perform well on important tests such as the ACT and SAT.

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4. It Helps Their Brains Develop Faster

Learning a second language challenges a child’s brain. This leads to faster overall development than the brains of monolingual children.

5. It Helps Develop Empathy

Bilingual children also tend to become more empathetic to other people. This is because they are able to see the world from different perspectives.

6. It Reduces Cognitive Decline Later in Life

Believe it or not, speaking a second language can even help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. This is the result of advanced executive functions in their brains.

7. Promotes Greater Understanding of Other Cultures 

Again, children who can speak a second language have a greater understanding of other cultures. Which has a huge impact when trying to work out their differences during a conflict.

8. Can Help Them Develop Musically

When children speak more than one language, their ears are able to pick up nuances in sound. This tends to enable them to excel at playing musical instruments.

This ESL school is a great place for your kids to get the language education they need to advance quickly.

9. Makes Travel Fun and Exciting

Traveling to other countries is more fun when you’re able to communicate with the native people of those places. Children with advanced language skills feel empowered by this and are thus more enthusiastic about exploring distant lands.

10. They Will Have More Career Opportunities 

As they leave school and enter the workforce, bilingual children have a huge advantage in the types of jobs and salaries they can pursue. This is especially true of individuals seeking jobs with massive international corporations.

A Few of the Benefits of Learning a Second Language at an Early Age

This article offers a brief glimpse of the benefits of learning a second language at an early age. Starting your kids early will give them a head-start they need to make the most of life. Keep scrolling to see more great parenting tips and advice.


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