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Ziggle from Radio Flyer *Giveaway closed*


Until now, bikes, trikes, scooters and wagons have been the “go-to” form of transport for millions of kids across the country but now, a totally new set of wheels will be added to the list … and we’d love to offer you the chance to review it!

Deep in the product development labs of Radio Flyer, engineers have been hard at work creating the latest-and-greatest toy that harnesses the wiggles and jiggles of little children and turns them into giggles! Unlike anything that has ever graced driveways or sidewalks before, the latest innovation from Radio Flyer – the iconic company responsible for giving the world the “Little Red Wagon” – is a one-of-a-kind product kids will be asking for by name.

The Ziggle™ from Radio Flyer. Equipped with four caster wheels for a fun, fast ride, Ziggle allows kids to glide forward or tap into the unique twisting motion for drifts and 360⁰ spin out action. An adjustable seat and padded hand grips are designed for kids 3 – 8 years old, allowing for years of twists, giggles and fun!



The Ziggle is going to be one hot item this year for the Holidays! You can purchase it on for $49.99!

ONE winner will receive a Radio Flyer Ziggle!


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This giveaway will end on Nov. 21st

*A product was provided.

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  1. my sons first big wheel was a radio flyer, he loved it so much he did burn outs and felt like such a big boy when the seat goit to go all the way to th eback

  2. I honestly do not have a favorite memory because I have never owned a radio flyer product! This would be the first if I was the winner.

  3. My grandmother used to pull us in her Radio Flyer to the local gas station, Hy’s, for ice cream!

  4. I didn’t have a radio flyer as a kid but we bought the push trike for our little guy it was his first bike and he still loves it. I would love to win the ziggle for him, I was recently looking at it on Radio Flyer’s website and it looks awesome!

  5. My son has one but I didn’t growing up. He loves to put all his toys in it and pull it around the yard all the time

  6. My oldest had a radio flyer wagon when he was younger. My grandmother (who is not with us anymore) would pull him with his favorite toys all over the yard. That has to be my best memory.

  7. I am child #5 of 7. So my parents could never afford much for us. We didn’t have a radio flyer, but would try to build our own plane after watching the movie with the 2 little boys and their Radio Flyer. I did buy a radio flyer trike for my youngest daughter. She is 2 and loves it!

  8. Oh I remember our old Radio Flyer wagon! We used that so much growing up! I remember pulling my dolls around the backyard! So fun!

  9. My favorite memory is when my sister & I used to pull each other up & down the street in our wagon!

  10. My favorite memory is that my Dad would buy a Radio Flyer wagon for all of his grandkids!

  11. My fav memory was watching my husband assemble 3 radio flyer RED wagons for our 5 3 &2 year olds on Christmas Eve night

  12. I never had one but we got a little wagon for my daughter and my favorite memory would have to be when she tried to get the dogs (who are bigger than her) into the wagon so she could them for a walk!

  13. Me and my sister used to dress up our cat and give her a ride in our Radio Flyer wagon. She was a nice little calico that had the most patience!

  14. In Lake Arrowhead where I lived with Amanda….! I used to ride our radio flyer down all the big hills, OVER AND OVER, it was so fun, all us girls were such dare devils.

  15. I can remember my mother putting my brother and I into the radio flyer and bring us to the parade and fireworks!

  16. My daughter first time in her wagon and she put in all of her dolls and we went on a long walk

  17. I used to have one of their bigger tricycles. I would pedal while my sister would stand on the back step thing and hold onto my shoulders.

  18. My brother and I used to ride our Radio Flyer Wagon on the concrete basement floor on rainy days. That poor wagon stood up to so much abuse. Thanks!

  19. I remember when I was little my oldest brother would pull me and my sister in our red wagon we had!

  20. Pulling my kids in the red wagon was my favorite memory. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  21. My sister and I pulled each other up and down the sidewalk in a Radioflyer wagon in the early 60’s 🙂

  22. Pulling my kids around in a red Radio Flyer wagon when they were little
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  23. I used to have mini radio flyer wagon and I would put My Buddy doll in there and wonder the neighborhood.

  24. using a radio flyer wagon after a big snow storm to transport our snow blocks we made from one area to another when we made a big igloo in middle of yard.

  25. when i was little we had a red radio flyer wagon. i would load my dolls up in it and pull them around the yard.

  26. Sometimes my mom would take me to the store in my Radio Flyer wagon and get groceries and I would hold the ba on the way home. There would always be a treat in the bag for me “helping” with the groceries.

  27. My grandma lived near a large hill we used to run up it with our radio flyer wagon and put the little kids inside it and run it back down the hill with our dog following us up and down that hill.

  28. My daughter has a pink Radio Flyer big wheel she loves it . I did not have a Radio Flyer as a child so my daughter having one is living through her

  29. we used to have a radio flyer trike when I was little. This was my favorite, I recall riding up and down the street on it, over and over again!

  30. When I was little I had a Radio Flyer wagon, it was my very favorite toy. I use to put all of my stuffed animals in it and take them for a ride!

  31. My brother and I used to have a Radio Flyer red wagon…and we lived near a really tall hill. 😀 That’s how I got my first concussion.

  32. I didn’t have one as a kid would love too see my youngest on one he would have a blast on it.

  33. Seeing my grandsons eyes light up when he saw his Radio Flyer Bike he got for X-mas a couple of years ago.

  34. I actually didn’t have one when I was little but my girls did when they were little and loved riding it through the waterholes.

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