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Zabellos, an online shoe repair site that has eased the hassle of going to the cobbler

Last month I received an email from Zabellos asking if I would be interested partnering with them. What is funny is just a few weeks before I was upset about my favorite pair of Bailey UGGs having a huge hole in the toe of my right shoe. They were UGGs that I didn’t wear all the time because I had an older pair of tan UGGs, so I wore these when it was cold out but not raining or snowing.

When I put them on around Christmas I was shocked to have found the hole, apparently it is common and does happen a lot. I push my big toe up when I walk apparently.

I had just started looking into how to fix holes in the sheepskin of UGGs and when I told Zabellos about my shoes they said they could fix them! I was so excited and couldn’t wait to send my shoes off!

I was told for my UGG shoes I should select the silver or gold package. It really didn’t matter since they weren’t heals or soles. I had to wait a few days for my packing materials to come in the mail, a few days for them to receive my shoes and then a few days to get them back.  I mailed my shoes on January 23rd, Zabellos emailed me on January 31 saying they had received my shoes and then rushed them back to me on Feb. 2nd. Overall I was impressed with the timing because of the shipping days involved.

Here is the hole before:

And this is how my shoe looked afterwards. While yes you can see the stitching I am still pleased.  I was hoping the stitching wouldn’t be seen but they look and feel a ton better! I know I would never had attempted to do this myself. They lookgood and it matches pretty well. from standing and looking down it is not that noticeable.

Zabellos custom online shoe repair services start from $49.99. This includes Free Shipping and Free Packaging. Head on over to to learn more!

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