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You think Suri has a lot of shoes?

So recently I was skimming through a gossip magazine, and saw how they showed 25 pairs of Suri Cruise’s shoes. I had to laugh because I think my 4 year old has her beat! Right now the only shoes in Sarah’s shelf is her summer shoes, they consist of all sandals with two pairs of tennis shoes. Sarah has some of the adorable Monkey Toes too! All her winter shoes are in the garage in storage.

Of course you will never see my 4 year old in high heels….

yeah so I think she has Suri beat

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11 Responses to “You think Suri has a lot of shoes?”

  1. Mari says:

    Poor Suri! I would hate to be under the same intense scrutiny that she is subjected to. The little girl is only a toddler and already the media is making judgements on her.
    Recently a picture of her was taken while she was gasp, drinking out of bottle. The way it was discussed and bandied about it was as if her life was already ruined before kindergarten!

    • Amanda says:

      Well a 4 year old really shouldn’t be drinking from a bottle! But I agree, the media needs to leave the little girl alone.

      but I stand that you wont see my 4 year old wearing high heels!

  2. Amanda A says:

    That picture makes me glad to have boys because the shoe closet in our laundry room is all mine! 🙂 If I had a girl, we would have Suri beat also!

  3. Karen P says:

    Wow I don’t think I even have that many shoes myself and my shoe size hasn’t changed in at least a decade.

  4. traci s says:

    thats alot of shoes , how long does it take her to decide which ones she wants to wear!

  5. momznite says:

    That’s quite a collection! Does she have coordinating purses?

  6. Jessica says:

    Your daughter is very fashionable! However, make sure she doesn’t become an Imelda Marcos when she grows up! lol

  7. mommalovesmee says:

    I’m 25 years old and have only 4 pair of footwear:(.

  8. Holy crap that’s a lot of shoes!! send some my way,haha…my daughter has maybe 3 pairs. but she is 10 months old and refuses to keep them on half the time!

  9. Jacqueline Griffin says:

    My daughter has tones of shoes too but I bet all her shoes together didn’t cost as much as one pair of Suri’s. LOL!!

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