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YAY! I am back

I am so excited to be back online. We ended up moving last Wednesday night, we moved until 3 am and then finished up on Thursday! I had everything unpacked and put away on Thursday night. I spent ALL day Friday on the phone with Verizon and Direct TV. We got our Direct TV set up on Monday but Verizon couldn’t come out until today to fix our phone!! I even went though the trouble of getting dial up until our DSL was ready, BUT!! we didn’t even have a phone. I was so mad at Verizon, they kept giving me the run around about why our phone wasn’t working and even gave us a 25 dollar credit because it wasn’t hooked up last Thursday when we moved. (I had called last Tuesday before we moved so it would be ready for us after we moved, and well. it wasn’t) So this afternoon the tech. from Verizon came and told me that the telephone line wasn’t hooked up outside, and that the problem was in “Verizon’s Network” Which is a good thing because I was worried they were going to say it was a problem with the wiring INSIDE! and they told me that if it was a problem INSIDE the apartment we would have to pay 80 dollars!! yeah I was pissed! Anyways! All had been taken care of, and I missed my blog and all my blogger friends!

Hopefully tonight I will have the winner of my Holiday Contest and tomorrow I plan on starting a new one for my Grinch Clip! This contest wont run as long so the winner can enjoy the clip. I mean the winner’s little girl/nice/friend. Heck the winner herself could wear the clip if she wanted to!

Just wanted to say I am back and am glad to be back!

Oh yeah, If you have tried emailing me this past week and I have not responded to you by tomorrow please email me again, I had over 500 emails and over 1,400 in my junk mail. I have noticed a lot of my blogger friend’s emails get into my junk mail and I hope this didn’t happen to anyone.

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