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Yay Christmas!

I am so excited for the Holidays coming. I can’t wait to go to my in laws on Thursday and visit with all the family. I can’t wait for my FIL’s yummy Turkey and my MIL’s stuffing.. *drool* I normally help my mother in law set up her Christmas tree and decorate it. but I probably wont this year. I am so excited to break out my *NSYNC Christmas CD and start singing to all the songs. I can’t wait until we move into our new apartment (this weekend maybe?) and then go pick out a tree and shop for lights and ornaments! It will be weird this year with no snow. That is one thing I will miss about Arrowhead, the snow. I also get in the spirit by watching all the different movies. We bought National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation a few weeks ago, and on Friday my friend Megan bought us A Christmas Story! Now all I need is It’s a Wonderful Life and I am set. I also would love to buy a Christmas village set (add onto mine)

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