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Why I Love California

I have always loved living in California, and it was days like this that made me appreciate the beauty of the beach… Manhattan Beach CA , 4.13.2010

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29 Responses to “Why I Love California”

  1. traci s says:

    o that picture makes me soooo jealous, it looks like it would be warm water, and o so relaxing, if you ever want company call my way lol

  2. Reyna says:

    I also love California – I’ve been there twice. However, I do love Florida – not by Orlando though, rather down farther by Tampa and the Keys.
    .-= Reyna´s last blog ..Breezy Summer Floras ~ Leifsdottir =-.

  3. Tammy Klain says:

    What a great picture!!! I have never been to California but I am hoping on moving there someday.

  4. Tamara B. says:

    I have never been to Cali before and what a beautiful beach. Love siting on the beach listening to waves roll in 🙂

  5. Donna says:

    Beautiful pic. I’ve never been to California. Hopefully I’ll be able to go one day soon. I live on the east coast where rains and snows. I’m very jealous. 🙂

  6. Danielle says:

    Oh I miss this! We lived in Southern California for three years and I loved going to the beach!

  7. Charlene Kuser says:

    That is so beautiful,I went to Hollywood last year and did not want to leave.
    Everything is so manicured and the weather is fantastic.I live in VA and it
    really is a downgrade.I like PST time better too.Thanks for the nice pic.

  8. Heather says:

    That is a beautiful picture. I have never been to California.
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..Update! =-.

  9. Rachel D. says:

    Oh I am so jealous! I LOVE California and always said that the stork accidently dropped me on his way to CA…I live and grew up in Utah (too cold for me in the winters). My favorite place ever is the beach! Beautiful picture!
    .-= Rachel D.´s last blog ..Last Chance to Win a Crate Full of Fresh Fruit =-.

  10. tree says:

    That picture is so beautiful! Did you photo edit it at all? Like adjust colors?? Wow, it’s really stunning, that blue sky just pops out at you!! i have never been to California, but have been to the East coast many times. That picture could be a post card. i can almost smell the salty air.
    .-= tree´s last blog ..Dragonfly’s Hollow Artist Feature =-.

    • Amanda says:

      No I didn’t edit the picture at all. That is excatly how my camera took it. I have a kodak easyshare z1015 IS

  11. I. Blair says:

    Love the beach ! where are the palm trees though?

  12. momznite says:

    Wow! I can almost hear the surf!

  13. brenda f says:

    What a beauty!

  14. Amanda A says:

    The color in your picture is gorgeous!!

  15. LAMusing says:

    I’m a California “native” and we often get a bad rap – but one look at your pic and we’re gonna be flooded with tourists! LOL

  16. katklaw777 says:

    My daughter just got back from a trip to Redondo Beach, she fell in luv but thought it was rather expensive.
    She walked in the Pacific Ocean for the first time…lucky her!

  17. What a great picture. I think I’m jealous since I love the beach and never get there nearly enough!
    .-= Tina@RideonToys´s last blog ..The Spray And Ride Rescue Truck For Little Firefighters =-.

  18. Mari says:

    That’s a lovely picture. I have a picture that is quite similar on my vision board. It is one of my dreams to live in ca.

  19. Trina C says:

    That picture makes me remember my time living in SoCal. I attended Loyola Marymount University and lived in Playa for awhile. I do miss the wonderful May weather that we had down there. Here in Seattle it is gray and rainy.

  20. Heather C says:

    I’m jealous!! I live in Florida, but the beach looks a lot nicer near you!

  21. Stephanie says:

    Yes! So beautiful…and it looks so peaceful too.
    .-= Stephanie´s last blog ..He’s back (and so am I) =-.

  22. LeesaWho says:

    I moved back to Ohio last year from Val Verde. God, do I miss the beaches!!!!

  23. Eileen says:

    What a great pic! Sigh…I have been out to California just twice and we actually DID get to Manhattan Beach the last time. Oh to be somewhere that the weather is not 20 below one month and 4 months later can be almost 100. I wanna come BBbbbbbaaaackkkkkk!

    thanks for letting me dream…

  24. Terri says:

    Gorgeous! Want to be there NOW! Well, at least Lake Michigan, which is my next best option and significantly closer.

    Thanks for the brief reprieve from inland.
    .-= Terri´s last blog ..The Necromancer ~ Quest for the Codex =-.

  25. mommalovesmee says:

    Awesome! It is so beautiful!

  26. Karen P says:

    I miss California. That right there is a big reason why!

  27. That is just breathtaking! I have never seen the ocean. I’m jealous!

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