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Wordless Wednesday – I Love Him!

Yes even though Husbands can be butts sometimes, I still love him! LOL

Hubby and I had a blast on Sunday at Disneyland! Here are some pictures!


just goofing off


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12 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday – I Love Him!”

  1. aaensons says:

    very cute

  2. Joy says:

    Yes, guys can be butts! I call it Mars Vs. Venus. We speak Venetian and they speak Martian. Two different languages just trying to understand each other.

    That’s my best take on it. Looks like ya’ll had a blast “communicating”

    Happy WW!

  3. Naomi says:

    So sweet!

  4. Tanya @ Mommy Goggles says:

    I love these pics! You two sooo needed a date day. XOXO

  5. Muthering Heights says:

    You two look very happy. 🙂

  6. Sara Bonds says:

    You two look great together. I am so jealous that you two went to Disney. I am going to bug my hubs to take me :o)

    Happy WW from Sara @ the Mostly Wordless Wednesday H.Q.!

  7. ~Billie~ says:

    Great photos! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

  8. amy says:

    You guys look like you’re having so much fun!

  9. Angie Marion says:

    nice photos! I’ve never been to Disney, any of them!

  10. Cindy B. of Montana says:

    Ahhhh, you guys are so cute!

  11. The Jacobsen Family! says:

    Aw, so sweet! You 2 are a cute couple.

  12. NateAndJakesMom says:

    How sweet of you to dedicate a post to him.

    (I found myself studying the picture so that if I see you all at the village or something I will recognize you LOL)

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