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WonderMind Kids – Educational Learning

WonderMind is a complete five-piece interactive learning system designed to work together to reinforce a love of learning. Developed by the world-renowned child development experts at Benesse Corporation, a global leader in education and publishing, WonderMind provides parents with the basic tools they need to help their child get the best possible start in life and lay the foundation for academic success.

The kit includes five educational pieces, such as:

  • An activity book;
  • Interactive DVD;
  • Learning toys;
  • Parenting guide – complete with a multitude of parenting tips, ideas, nutritional advice, educational ways to play with your child and more.

WonderMind is available as two separate kits for children – the Toddler Kit (Age 1) or the Preschool Kit (Age 4).

We received the Toddler Kit. It will be great for Shelby in a few months. I love how the entire kit goes together and makes for a great play time with your baby.

More about the Toddler Kit.

  1. Family Fun Show DVD –In considering children’s safety issues and their limited attention span, we designed each DVD program to be 20 minutes long. Our DVDs are full of interactive content that allow you and your child to sing and dance together while also communicating with each other both verbally and non-verbally. Your child will have a great time learning and playing!
  2. Teegy Puppet –Your child will get excited to see Teegy, a character from our DVD, come alive. Fun activities that promote learning through imitation and repetition are particularly effective for children aged 1 to 2 years. By imitating what Teegy says or does, your child can play peekaboo, and learn to say simple things like “Here you go” and “Thank you.” Don’t forget to have a group hug at the end.
  3. Time Together Play Book –The Play Book book helps your child deepen his or her understanding of the topics introduced in the DVD. Your child will enjoy learning with various topics and quizzes stimulating his or her curiosity.
  4. Colorshape Blocks Educational Toy –Your child will enjoy playing with Colorshape Blocks, while learning how to put things together and take them apart. But once in a while, we’d like you to take up the challenge. Our Time Together Play Book includes many examples of things you can make with Colorshape Blocks, like cars, cameras, and slides, and how to build them. By creating something that your child likes, you will expand your child’s imagination and play repertoire.
  5. WonderMind Parenting Guide – The WonderMind Parenting Guides provide valuable information and tips for busy parents, helping you to communicate and connect with your child, deepening the bond you share.

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