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Whirlpool wants to know.. How do you stay organized? #WhirlpoolMom

Can you believe that we are halfway through the month? Crunch time now for Christmas!

We leave in a week for Vacation and I am so excited!!! But at the same time I am stressing about everything I want to get done at home before hand!

Many families are planning on traveling, which is awesome but there is so much to do in such a little time it’s important to be organized!

Household chores are definitely something that goes on the back burner this time of the year. I have learned that setting up a schedule for each day keeps the home neat and organized.

I know Mondays and Fridays I do laundry. This keeps me from freaking out the other days to wash clothes. The other days I can set time to clean the bathrooms, or organize a closet.

With three kids it’s important to make home schedules too. Also, I love to get the kids involved and help me. Sarah loves to help me with the laundry. She loves to help sort clothes. I also let her spray stained clothes too.

A few tips for keeping life simple this month (and all year)

  • Kids help sort laundry – simple right? It helps you and it keeps the kids busy for a good ten minutes. Plus with toddlers it helps with colors!
  • Plan laundry days – We do our laundry on Monday’s and Friday’s, sometimes Thursday’s depending on the amount of laundry that needs to be done. These days I also have the kids help me put their clothes away, and it’s a great way to organize their closest  They get messy each week!
  • House work days – If your doing laundry on Monday, then plan to clean the bathrooms on Tuesdays.
  • Weekly Playroom Organizing – This is a MUST! I have to go through the kids stuff each week and do a big organizing day. I can also week out any toys that might have broke or maybe the kids mixed up some trash. Get the junk out! I found this helps keep the toys neat and less breakage is happening!
  • Menu Planning – I sometimes struggle with this some weeks. But I have found that days I have menu planned ahead of time is simple to pop dinner in the oven or crock pot that day. Less stressing!

How do you stay on top of your to-do list around the holidays?

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  1. Beth R says:

    I have noticed for me that if I plan out cleaning and organizing it works out so much better. I have certain days that are laundry days and then I have weeks that are deep clean week. I have also started organizing once thing once a week. Like the pantry and cleaned out the fridge the week before

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