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Which cut flowers will die quickly?

WelcomeToWinning with ProFlowers (2)A bouquet of flowers is an excellent gift to give in order to make someone feel special. If you are going to buy flowers for someone then you want to make sure they are going to last as long as possible. Obviously, no cut flowers last forever, but it’s good if you can get the best out of a bouquet for at least ten days. This is a good average time for flowers to last, although certain flowers, like zinnia, should last longer.

One of the most important aspects of making sure a bouquet will last for as long as possible is to order it from a reputable florist such as; that way you can make sure you are buying flowers that are fresh. Another important aspect is what happens after the flowers are purchased.

Which cut flowers die quickly?

This is not a straightforward question to answer; the truth is that any cut flower can die quickly if it is not well cared for. If you are buying flowers for someone they can expect them to last for at least seven to ten days, and often longer. It’s important to note that this will only happen if they take time to look after the flowers. Anyone who receives a bouquet of flowers should:

  • Place them in a clean vase filled with warm water.
  • Use any flower food that is included with the bouquet.
  • Use 2 tablespoons of vinegar or sugar as an alternative nutrient for the flowers.
  • Cut the stems at an angle (approximately 1.5 inches).
  • Remove all the leaves from the bottom of the stems.
  • Change the water at least every other day, replacing the flower food.

If these steps are followed then the flowers should last longer; this applies to any variety of bloom.

Is it easier to buy fake flowers?

You may be thinking that it’s easier to just buy fake flowers, to save anyone from having to spend time caring for fresh ones. It’s true that fake flowers only really need cleaning and that they do last a lot longer than fresh flowers.

The thing is that they are exactly what they are named, fake. You can buy very realistic looking silk flowers, although they do tend to be expensive, but they do not really have the same presence as fresh flowers. Each fresh flower has its own appearance, slightly different from next; fresh flowers can also have a distinctive scent. Fresh flowers may not last as long as fake flowers, but this may be a good thing. Every time a new bouquet is bought it can be a little different, bringing a new piece of decoration to the area around it.

Obviously, all fresh flowers do die, but any fresh flower can be made to last longer if it is given the right treatment. If a bouquet of flowers is cared for as it should be then it will last as long as possible. If it is placed in water and ignored then it is likely to die pretty quickly.

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  1. Awesome tips for helping flowers to last as long as possible. I usually use sugar as an alternative nutrient for them, but now I know another option, vinegar! Totally cool!!
    Thank You for sharing!!

  2. Great tips. I’m not good about changing the water for fresh flowers. And I didn’t realize you could add vinegar or sugar to the water.

  3. These are all great tips. I love receiving flowers, but for the price I try to get them to last as long as possible.

  4. I love fresh flowers, but don’t get them very often. When I do it’s always a quick google search for how to keep them alive longer.

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