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What’s in your nursery?

Yes I am aware that we still have 4 months to go until Shelby gets here but everyone in our family is so excited for her! Daddy loves to sit and talk to her and rub my stomach, I love that every time he does that she kicks him. Like she knows it’s daddy!

Her big sisters are excited as well and hug my stomach and kiss it whenever they can. My midwife suggested to have the girls sing to Shelby while she is still in utero so that once she is born she will already know her sister’s voices and they will be a calming tone for her. I absolutely love this idea!

Ok, back to the reason of this post. Every week I seem to add more and more to what will be Shelby’s “nursery space”. We have a home that is big enough to make a nursery for her but since I am so picky about having the baby in the room with me the first year I wanted to make a section of our master bedroom just for her. And since our room is so big we did not feel like we are cramming her in there with us.

We decided to just go with the Bassinet for now since we are moving next summer. Shelby will be about 6 months old when we move and at that time ready to be moved to a crib. I am still not sure if we will put together a crib before we move since we would just have to take it apart and chance it getting messed up from the move.

So here is what we have so far for miss Shelby Rae! I’d also love to get a shelf to put her custom name baby blocks on instead of doing the wooden letters on the wall.

The changing table has all our cloth diaper stuff, none of it has been prepped yet so it may all get moved around. I decided on a 3 drawer bin to organize cloth wipes and burp cloths and other cloth diapering items.

I loved the Boon Curl for baby shoes so I bought that to show off the cute baby shoes instead of stuffing them in a drawer.  The Texas Stars match the baby bedding we have and I just love them!  Our nursery theme colors are green, brown and pink!

We have the green bin full of toys, rattles and teethers and behind the bassinet is the crib mattress and bedding.

No, we are not worried about the curtain behind the bassinet as the baby will not be old enough to reach it or touch it before we move.

Like I said, we have 4 months to go still so things could get moved around still.

What’s in your Nursery? We would love to see yours too!

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  1. It is coming along really nicely. We started early too, and we had all four of our children start off in our room, just like you are doing. I couldn’t stand the thought of baby being out of the room.

    I read your pregnancy progress update too, and I just wanted to note how great it is that you could possibly be home within four hours of the birth. That’s really amazing!

  2. Looks nice. I had a lot of fun setting up my children’s room too. I always felt it was nice to have things in place early – let me think I was “ready.” Also, looks like you have a nice cloth dipe stash – we love using cloth for our kiddos.

  3. I will remember to advice my friend already 5 months pregnant to allow her kids to sing near her belly. I like the bond it will create between the baby and her sisters as well and I think it is sweet. You made a great nursery section in your bedroom for your baby. It still has 4 months to go and it sounds like you already have everything there.

  4. I have the same bassinet! DD only lasted about a month in it before I got too tired of picking her up and laying her next to me to nurse at night only to put her back. I never thought I would bed share, but it works for us.

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