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What Prenatal Vitamins to Choose When Expecting *Giveaway closed*

Approximately 68% of women are calcium deficient, but this matters even more when you’re pregnant because the developing baby needs calcium to build strong bones and teeth, as well as for a healthy heart, nerves, and muscles. Prenatal Vitamins are important to add to any expecting mother’s diet, not only for herself but for her growing baby.

When a pregnant woman lacks dietary calcium (which is often the case), her developing baby draws this much-needed calcium directly from HER bones, which can impact the woman’s health later in life. Popular prenatal vitamins only have a small percentage of recommended the daily calcium. The recommended amount of calcium during pregnancy is 1000mg daily!

It is never too early to start taking Prenatal Vitamins either! If you are trying to conceive it is best to start taking them, it helps mom to be already getting those nutrients she may be lacking from diet alone.  We spent many months trying to conceive our second child and the whole time I took prenatal, plus I knew I needed the vitamins I was lacking.

Prenatal vitamins typically contain more folic acid and iron than standard adult multivitamins. If you are wondering why:

  • Folic acid helps prevent neural tube defects in the unborn baby. These defects are serious abnormalities of the brain and spinal cord.
  • Iron supports the unborn baby’s growth and development. Iron also helps prevent anemia for mom which is a condition blood has a low number of healthy red blood cells.

The best over the counter prenatal vitamins can be found at your local pharmacy and retailers such as When picking a Prenatal make sure they include:


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What Prenatal Vitamins to Choose When Expecting *Giveaway gift card for $50 ends Jan. 20th*

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This giveaway will end on Jan. 20th

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  1. My favorite prenatal vitamin was the gummy vitamins from Target! They had everything I need and it was like eating candy. 🙂

  2. I’m using the Trader Joe’s prenatal vitamins for now until my first prenatal appt

  3. With my first child I was given a prescription prenatal. For my second and third my doctor suggested regular centrum

  4. Taking more calcium is a great recommendation or advise. I know the lack of adequate calcium can be robbed from the mother for the fetus and that is not good.

  5. I did not take any back in the early 80’s. They were HUGE and I could not swallow them. I like that today they come in gummy form.

  6. I always took prenatals. I can’t say I have a favorite. I usually purchase mine at Walmart.

  7. I don’t remember the name of the prenatal I used but it was one that my obgyn recommended and was not on grocery shelves. It was one without gelatin, was a vegetarian prenatal and recommended for me since I was low Iron and Vitamin d.

  8. My OB gave me Concept DHA prenatal vitamins during my pregnancy because everything I tried over the counter made me sick.

  9. I took what the doctor prescribed. They were actually pretty good, the coating had a vanilla flavor.

  10. I use Nature Made Prenatal Vitamins. Thanks for the chance to win such an amazing giveaway. Happy and prosperous New Year.

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