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What kind of cable service do you have?

Finding the right kind of cable service can be a daunting task. I know when my husband and I were looking between the different providers we had so many different things to take into consideration. Did they offer a bundle, did they offer discounts on packages, what was included in each package and the biggest one… were they even available in our area.

We know quite a few people who use  direct tv and love it.  I always had the concern with it because of the satellite dish and snow up here in the mountain. If the dish was covered in snow would it affect the service? Apparently some of the families who use dx3 don’t have an issue.

Directtv  offers some awesome packages right now. You can even lock in these prices for two years. Of course that is if you don’t plan on moving within the next two years this is an awesome deal! Packages start at $29.99, and for the premier package it is $49.99 and this gives you 285+ channels!

If your looking to switch cable services or start a new service you should look into Direct TV and see if  it is a match for you and your family!


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  1. We have a cable provider but have been thinking of switched to DirectTV before NFL season to be able to get the NFL package (we’re all football obsessed in our home) I hope they’ll have some great deals around that time!

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