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What I Love About Spring…. TULIPS!!!

We moved into our house two years ago and last spring as I was washing dishes I looked out my window and saw TULIPS… tons of them in a flower bed outside the kitchen window. I was so excited that we had tulips! They were beautiful pink and red. I was so sad when they died. but knew if I took care of the flower bed all year and made sure the bulbs weren’t touched they would come again this year….

and boy did they!!!

Tulips are beautiful flowers that bloom in the spring, when you see the tulips starting to grow you know Spring is on it’s way. The sad thing is they only last for a few weeks before they fall apart. At least they will be back next Spring.

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  1. I love tulips—there is a festival in Holland, MI that my dh and I visit every year, the Tulip Festival. This year we went for a day to watch the parade, the float adorned with tulips, and the celebration of dutch heritage.

  2. Oh oh oh those are so pretty! Tulips are my absolute favorite flower ever! I wanted to plant a row of them along our driveway but my hubby threw a fit. I may have to sneak some in this fall when the bulbs become available.
    .-= Cat – 3 Kids and Us´s last blog ..Happy Mother’s Day … The Outtakes =-.

  3. i look forward to my weeping crabapple each spring…it’s so disappointing when it loses all it’s flowers…It’ so beautiful for such a short time

  4. I love seeing the first flowers in spring! We have a bush out front that is always the first to bloom and it makes me so happy to see those first flowers and know that winter is (almost) over here in Iowa!

  5. My mother has always loved tulips. Although I’m a sunflower woman, I’m starting to appreciate the delicate beauty of tulips much more. Or maybe I just associate my hero with the flower. 🙂

  6. tulips are so pretty, but i have a blue thumb, so i have shrubs around our place , no flowers , i didnt know that tulips would grow back again, can you tell me when you should plant them? what is the best weather ? thanks

  7. Tulips are lovely! Here in the MidWest, our first flowers are crocus- I have seen the poor things peeking thru snow 🙂 Our tulips bloomed a bit ago and right now it is the iris’s turn. Love spring!

  8. I love tulips. My younger son often chooses tulips as the flowers to give me on Mother’s Day, my birthday…they just seem to be the flower that says Spring is here.

  9. Tulips and Daffodils are my favorite! your Tulips look amazingly beautiful. I think you have a green thumb! LOL!!

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