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What happens when a 5 year old uses the phone when no one is looking?

Over this past weekend Samantha spent the night at her Grandparents house. She had a great time, played with her dolls, practiced her piano, ate all of her dinner and went to bed with no problem. Over all she had a fantastic time.

Let me back up to a few weeks ago, Sparky The Fire dog and his Firefighter friends went and visited Samantha’s kindergarten class. They were there for a good 45 minutes talking about what to do in case there was a fire, they even spent a good 15 minutes talking about calling 911 in case of an emergency…. EMERGENCY!

Alright, now back to Saturday night. I got a call from my Mother in Law around 10 pm.

Ring… Ring…..

ME: “Hello?”
MIL: “Hi Amanda” (with a sigh)
ME: “Hey Barb, what’s up? How is Sam” (I’m thinking she wants me to go get her or something)
MIL: “Oh she is fine, went to bed no problem. She is sound asleep in her bed”
ME: “Oh great!” (thinking everything is fine)
MIL: ….. (pause)… “um, so can you tell me what happens when you call 911, and put the phone down and walk away?” (I thought she was seriously asking me this)
ME: …. (pause)… “well we all know they cops will come to your house, why?” ……. “GASP”……….
ME: ” gasping for air…. “NO?!?!”
MIL: “yep!”

yes, so my five year old called 911, put the phone down and walked away. They heard a knock on the door and sure enough the sheriffs were there asking if anyone called 911. Samantha I guess was acting shy at the top of the stairs, as soon as he asked that they all looked straight at Sam. She admitted she called and the Sheriffs explained to her why she can’t wall unless there was an emergency.

Yeah if I had done that.. I mean… umm…. I would have been beat.. OK so Kristin and I were spanked… yes… we called 911 when we were little too.

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