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Weird and Whacky Gift Ideas for the Goofball in Your Life

We all know a goofy, quirky person in our lives who is always just a little silly. Although they might sometimes grate on your nerves, you usually appreciate that they’re willing to laugh at anything, including themselves. When someone is a little off the wall, shopping for a gift for them can be a little difficult. You want to delight them with something they’ll love, but you might be scared of making a misstep and giving them something they just think is lame instead. Fortunately, there are plenty of fun gift ideas you can use for inspiration if you’re feeling stuck.

Novelty Gifts

A novelty or gag gift is always a great go-to when you’re looking for a present. It might not be something you buy someone as a main gift, but it’s a fun thing to give them on the side. And, depending on your relationship and how much you spend, it could be good for a single gift too. Novelty gifts can include all kinds of things, from a funny mug or glass to a silly sign to hang up at home. When you’re choosing a novelty gift, think carefully about whether it will be appreciated. It’s important to know your giftee’s sense of humor if you want to get it right.

A Gift That Says Something

Buying a gift with a slogan or saying on it is an excellent option if you want something funny. You can get clothing, accessories, homewares, and all kinds of other things with funny words written on them. The shirts from could give you some good inspiration if you’re looking for ideas. Think about your gift receiver’s interests so you can find something that works for them. It’s often funnier to choose something that only makes sense to people who are interested in a certain thing because it makes it like an in-joke that signals their interest to other people.

Something Out of the Ordinary

There are all kinds of weird and wonderful things you might think about buying for someone on a special occasion. If you want to make them laugh or you just think they would appreciate something a bit odd, there’s sure to be something out there that will work. They might like a cool gadget that does something they never even knew they wanted to do, like a smartphone projector. Or you could give them a kit to build something, such as an SLR camera making kit.

Big Kids Toys

There are some things you never grow out of. Everyone likes to play with toys sometimes, even if they won’t admit it. There are some great big kids’ toys that everyone can enjoy, whether they play with them at home or at their desk at work. Some popular toys at the moment include drones and quadcopters, but there’s plenty more to play with. Have a look at for an article on toys both adults and kids will love.

If you share a sense of humor without whoever you’re choosing a gift for, don’t worry too much about making the right choice. They’re almost sure to love it.

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