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We took the Febreze #Noseblind Test *Giveaway closed*

*This review and giveaway was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Febreze. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.


The past month my sense of smell has become rather strong, to the point where I can smell everything including body odor from someone who just came out of he shower. That pregnancy nose can be such a cruel thing when you are already feeling a little queasy.

It completely reminds me of how our nose gets use to the same smells that we smell on a daily basis. Our nose becomes “blind” to those smells. From homes that have a dogs or cats, those little animals leave behind a smell and while you may not smell it in your home, your gusts do!

One thing that you can do to help keep you home smelling nice for guests is using Febreze. If you have tried Febreze before then you know it comes in different scents and products. From candles to the fabric refresher, to plugins. Depending on what kind of products you use in your home Febreze has a little something for everyone.

I recently had the chance to take a fun Febreze #Noseblind test in my home with friends.  We did this with a fun movie night and popcorn! We started the evening with friends coming over for dinner and a movie and we did take a few super short surveys throughout the evening.

I am pretty much a clean freak when it comes to smells in my home anyways and was pleased when my friends said the house smelled clean and like food (dinner that was just made).  We popped some popcorn and then sat down to watch a movie.  I thought it was awesome my friends even instagramed they were taking the #noseblind test too!


After the movie we sprayed the living room with Febreze Fabric Refresher and lit the candle. We waited a few minutes for the Febreze to do it’s job. We thought it would be interesting for us to leave the room during that time so our noses would be fresh when we walked back into the living room. When we did head back to the living room we all agreed that we didn’t smell the popcorn smell anymore and that the room smelled fresh.

Febreze does not “cover Up” smells but eliminates them. My entire family has been pleased with using Febreze all over the house, from bedrooms to bathrooms!

Be sure to connect with Febreze on Facebook and Twitter.  You can also enter to win your own Febreze Prize Pack and take the #NoseBlind Test yourself!


ONE winner will win their own Febreze Prize Pack & $60 AMEX Gift Card.

Prize includes:

  • Noseblind Kit (2 envelopes)
  • 1 Febreze Air Effects
  • 1 Febreze Fabric Refresher
  • 1 Febreze Noticeables with refill
  • 1 Febreze Candle
  • $60 AMEX Gift Card


We took the Febreze #Noseblind Test *Giveaway ends Aug. 10th*

Note: This giveaway is open to US shipping addresses only.

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This giveaway will end on Aug. 10th

*This review and giveaway was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Febreze. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. I love Febreeze! It’s essential in my home. It makes it smell so fresh in here.

  2. I have used Febreeze and it is a super product for keeping the air smelling nice.

  3. I’ve used Fabreze for quite some time, always on my shopping list! love it!

  4. I love Febreze products. I use the Febreze Air Effects and I like the Sweet Pea Passions scent the best. I have been using Febreze for years.

  5. We use Febreze fairly regularly. It definitely freshens the air and we need that with two kitties and a litterbox.

  6. I have Febreze in every bathroom. Even up at the lake house. No excuses necessary!

  7. I have tried it! I used it on my stinky old couch and it really did get rid of the funky odor! I love to use it in my sons room too.You know how smelly boys can be!

  8. I have trie Febreze spray, candles and plug-ins and I have loved them all and the candles scent lasts and is strong enough to smell throughout the house.

  9. I always have Fabreeze on hand to use to freshen up furniture, curtains, etc. I love the refreshing, clean smell!

  10. I have tried the Febreze fabric sprays and it helped clean the fabric from any smells well.

  11. We have Febreze for fabrics, which we really like, but we find the air freshener to be a little overpowering. Would love to try the candles, though!

  12. Yes, I have used Fabreze. I just used it yesterday for pet odors. I was very happy with it’s effectiveness.

  13. I’ve tried febreze fabric refresher, I use it all the time on my couch and in my car to keep out all those odors.

  14. I have tried Febreze, and have several products at home that I use on a regular basis.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  15. I’ve tried it once a long time ago just to refresh the air and was not overly impressed

  16. yes. I love febreze. My house always smells good.

    Thanks for the chance to win this!

  17. Yes we have and we love it. We have litter box odors and clean daily but odors linger and this helps out a lot

  18. I have tried Febreeze and been very impressed! I especially like the sweet pea petal scent.

  19. I use febreze a lot and love it. With two kids (endless spills and dirt) and a dog it is a necessity!

  20. I use Febreze all the time. You will find at least one of their products in each room of my house.

  21. I’ve tried Febreze before. I like the clean scent and how it masks odors. It doesn’t last a real long time but, other than that, it works good. Thanks.

  22. I love febreeze products, but they are not great on my son’s stinky soccer gear, but they are great to freshen the air when he leaves!

  23. I love Febreze. I have the candles all over the house and Air Effect in the bathroom. It really does neutralize odors.

  24. Yes, I have tried febreze before and I think it works really well to help eliminate odors.

  25. Yes I have tried it before! We used it because the basement was smelling pretty bad because of the cat boxes down thee. I was actually very happy with how it neutralized the odor.

  26. I have tried the spray febreeze and love it. Great at covering smells esp in bathroom!

  27. I have tried Fabreze but it has been a few years.. I’d love to try some of the new products they have out. I loved how well it worked.

  28. I used to use Febreeze all the time and I loved it. I really need to start using it again.
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  29. Yes, I have! Febreeze is my favorite because I love their selection of scents.

  30. I have tried several products by Febreeze. I like the candles, the fabric refresher, and the air effects. They help with boy odors and kitty litter odors.

  31. I really like Febreeze! Before we got wood floors, I would spray it on my carpet, now I keep it and use it in my car!

  32. Yes, I have used it. (An old friend had a really stinky dog at my house and once they left, the Febreeze came out and the smell went away!!)

  33. The febreze air effects are great and have them around the house a lot of the time. They work very well!

  34. Yes I use Febreze – plug-ins (Noticeables). I love them and my favorite is Linens & Sky.

  35. I love Febreze fabric spray! It takes all the icky boy smells out of my kid’s room & bedding!

  36. I have tried it and it works good. I just have to hide it from the younger kids.

  37. I have used Febreze for years and couldn’t live without the Grapefruit Fizz which is my current favorite.

  38. We tried Febreze on a couch that was handed down to us. It worked really well.

  39. I have used febreze but it took me a few different ones to find the one I liked. I love the clean linen scent.

  40. Yes, I have tried Febreze and I like their products a lot. The make my home smell good.

  41. I started using Febreze years ago on my son’s not so fresh tennis shoes. Since then I have expand my usage to my bathroom, car and basement.

  42. yes ive tried it my first thought was it was awful and so i tried the rain smell and i fell in love

  43. Yes, I have used the fabric refresher on furniture my had a dog with and it freshened it nicely,

  44. I love Febreze! Whenever my bedroom is smelling a bit stale, I hit it top to bottom with Febreze to freshen things up!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  45. Yes, I do use febreze Bedding Refresher: Moonlit Lavender, and I like that leaves my bedding refresh, Thank you!

  46. Yes, I love Febreze. My favorite is the fabric refresher. I use it on Mattresses when changing sheets, furniture and drapes.


  47. Yes, I use their car freshener vent clip and love it. Best air freshener I’ve tried.

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