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We love Gro-Via Cloth Diapers

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When I first started my cloth diaper stash I was told to tey out a few different brands before buying a ton of one kind. I love this suggestion and I tell other moms to test out different cloth diapers to see which they like, and fit with their family best.

One of the diaper shells I bought was a Gro-Via. I was first interested because I could use them with the baby at 8 pounds and with prefolds or fitteds, which is a great way to start diapering a newborn.

I actually didn’t start to really love Gro-Via until I tried out the combination of the inserts/prefolds that are made for the Gro-Via Shells.  We were sent some of the new print shells and prefolds (in size 3 for bigger babies).


The first diaper I bought was a hook and loop. These are great for those tiny babies because you can get a great fit! The only thing I had a hard time with was the laundry tabs and keeping them nice and pretty. I will more than likely send this shell in for the snap conversion.  The prefold is sat inside the shell in the basic soaker fold.

Gro-Via (12)

The above shell has a prefold in it. Prefolds  have quickly become one of my favorite inserts to sue for night time!

Gro-Via (13)

This shell is over a year old and it is in EXCELLENT condition! The only concern I have is the laundry tabs. I would love suggestions on how to keep them looking fresh and new.

Gro-Via (16)

Gro-Via (14)

I absolutely love the snap shells! I plan to buy quite a few more! We received the Peacock and Citrus Snap Shells along with the GroVia Organic Cotton Soaker Pad, I love the snap shells!

The Soaker Pads snap right into the shell. With wet diapers you can remove the soaker and replace the pad while reusing the shell. If it’s soiled then just get a new shell.

Gro-Via (9)
Gro-Via (8)

Gro-Via (6)

Gro-Via (5)

We also received the Citrus Shell and here is what it looks like with a prefold in it.

Gro-Via (11)

Shelby is 21 pounds and 16 months. We have it on the medium rise setting. As you cna see even on the medium rise we still have the waist almost overlapping on her.

Gro-Via (2)

Gro-Via (3)

I also love the Gro-Via Prefolds! They come in a three pack and  they are incredibly soft and absorbent!

Gro-Via (10)

Overall I love both the prefolds and the soakers. The prefolds are great for over night and I found we don’t have any kind of leaks with the shells.

You can check out all that Gro-Via has to offer and to place an order at

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