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We have hit New Mexico

We have just passed the state line and entering New Mexico!

Yesterday we had so much fun and ended our day in Tombstone Hill where we camped! We had a lot of fun playing scrabble in the tent.

Today we headed to the Ghost Town Tombstone where we had a chance to shoot a gun, go in a cave and went to the Bird Cage Theatre.

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  1. Hi Mandy &family, I just crossed your path at breakfast at the Ramada in Van Horn. My daughter and I are traveling back to Cali from Hattiesburg, MS where she attended USM. Road trips are fun. Enjoy!

  2. wow, look at that red sand! I love the pictures…I’ve never been to NM but always wanted to visit.

  3. I love New mexico! I drove through it last year and it was just lovely! I bought lots of turquoise jewelry from the local native americans

  4. Believe it or not, although I have a friend who lives less than 15 miles away from Tombstone and, other than driving through from Benson, I have never been there.

    Always wanted to go, but never quite managed to get there….

    Do you get to Bisbee? Bisbee is the country seat of Cochise County and a pretty neat town – except when it rains.Then it can get really dicey. The Lavender Pit, (a open bit copper mine started by a man with the last name of Lavender) is quite educational. You can get a really good look at the enviromental damage caused by open pit copper mining. And, the pit is right in the middle of town. People just drive around it like it wasn’t even there.

    The Berkely Pit in Butte, Montana is much bigger – but you really can’t see much and they charge you to look over this massive hole in the ground…

    The Continental Pit which is right next to the Berkely Pit will, eventually, consume all the land between the two pits.

    mtdoonmeister at gmail dot com

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