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We Got a New Car Today

this morning we went and bought a new car, paid in cash. Finally a car we own outright. It’s a 2002, so it is older, but I do like it. It’s just an extra car to have around. What is funny is that it used to belong to a girl I went to High School with. She got married and her dad had no use for the car anymore.

We got VERY lucky, we happened to drive by it and saw a for sale sign on it and called the guy right away. He promised Pat he would show him first, well I guess last night he got another call on the car and someone offered him 1,000 more than us, but since he gave us his word he sold it to us! What a nice guy right?

anyways, so yeah, the color is is not perfect. I would have rather gotten white or black, but champagne is gonna have to do! Plus it will make a great trade in this fall. I am really starting to like the new Ford Flex. My heart will always want the Ford Edge but Hubby would never let me get it. He says it’s too girlie… PFFTTTT on him!

anyways, so here is what it looks like. Nothing fancy. Just a little Mazda Protege.

Hubby is happy because he can say “zoom, zoom, zoom” again. LOL, we had a Mazda 626 before we got the Ford.

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  1. we’re getting a new car a CRV on Tuesday. lets hope my uterus will hold out. ha!

    woot! yay for the no car payments…what happened to your ford?

  2. Aw yay!
    I think it’s cute ^.^
    And that was so nice of the guy to sell it to you when he had a higher offer!

  3. Congrats on your new car. Looks like it’s in great shape,,,,I also like either black or white but if it runs great and you got a good deal that’s all that really matters. Enjoy~! 🙂

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