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visiting GG’s House

Summer is in full swing here in California! This past weekend we visited the girls Great grandma’s house and enjoyed swimming at the pool.

Samantha had a blast showing us how she could jump into the deep end of the pool and Sarah mastered the arm floaties! We enjoyed a fun day with our cousins.

oh and Samantha officially has 3 weeks left of Kindergarten and then it’s off to FIRST GRADE!!!

Samantha also got a letter today for Ballet and she is moving up to Ballet A next year! woot go Sam!! And Sarah be will start Ballet this summer as well, yes she is very excited.

Here are a few pictures:

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  1. Great photos. This post bought back so many memories for me. My parents have a pool that I grew up with. We had the same rope dividing the shallow and deep end. I remember holding on to it just like your daughter is.
    I also forgot that my grandmother was called GG by my daughter and nieces and nephews. She passed away 16 years ago…I forgot all about her nickname!

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