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Veggie Shopping Adventure with Country Crock

The girls love veggies, in fact we have had nights where we eat more veggies than anything. The girls love different kinds of veggies and I have been very lucky with the fact that they will try anything… at least once.

Shopping can be an ordeal, you never know what kind of attitude the girls will have or mood they will be in, so trying to include them while shopping sometimes makes the whole trip better.

We received a Veggie Shopping Adventure kit from Country Crock! Shopping for vegetables can be overwhelming—they can come canned, fresh, and frozen, and in all shapes, colors and sizes. With the Veggie Shopping Adventure it is fun for the kids to learn about veggies and what we can eat them with (or without).

It was fun deciding on a meal to buy for and for the kids to help pick out the veggies. Samantha thought it would be fun to help make mashed potatoes so we bought a bag of russets and she helped peel them. I think that the fact she was able to help make the food made it more fun to eat it! (wasn’t that the point? shhh don’t tell the kids that though.)

Not sure which veggies you want to buy?  Check out Country Crock’s website for a wide selection of great recipes.

*A product was provided.

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